To Accomplish, May 2012

I’ll echo the sentiment I’ve been reading all over the web – can’t believe it’s already May! D.C. has has been having unseasonably warm weather since March, so I’m not sure why the passage of time is such a shock. Still, there are a lot of things that I thought I had more time to take care of, but now the time is almost here.

Also, good thing I didn’t make any blogging-related goals this year. I’d be 5 months into failing them by now.

To Accomplish, May 2012

1. Work out 4 times per week.
So… I’ve lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year, mostly because D has been dieting. I tend to eat the same foods that he does, in the same quantities, so when he cut back, so did I. This is cool, because I am a girl and thus have unrealistic desires for my body weight. However, my working out has tapered off a bit since we went to Miami. I’m still technically meeting my four-days-per-week, but sometimes I count standalone yoga or Pilates as a workout. I’ve almost given up on running altogether, which is Very Bad. For May, my hope is to get back on the wagon and kick some butt again.

(Also? It’s sort of annoying that I lost weight now, because I sold off all of my smaller-size clothes just last year. Not cool, body.)

2. Read 8 books.
I’m slacking on my 100 books challenge – in April I only got through 4! Hopefully I’ll catch up over the summer when our schedule normalizes again.

3. Buy Mother’s Day presents.
This is one of those things I always leave until the last minute… thank goodness you can just pick a florist 2 days before!

4. Cook using two ingredients I’ve never used before.
I tried brussel sprouts for the first time a week ago (roasted in olive oil) after years of avoiding them because of the negative things I always heard. Guess what? They were awesome! This has inspired me to look for new foods (I’m mostly thinking produce) that I haven’t cooked with before, either because I’m not familiar with them or because I have no idea how to cook them. Hopefully these will be a pleasant surprise as well.

5. Book travel to California.
My big sister is getting a PhD this summer (thus beating me forever in the scholarly competition we’ve had since elementary school), so we’re flying out to California to see it.  Unfortunately, flight prices are higher than I’ve ever seen them, and I used to live in California and flew home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the busiest travel times of the year. Good thing I budgeted $2000 for this trip – we’ll definitely need it!

6. Take advantage of overtime.
My bosses have cut way back on authorized OT this year, which has been a bit of a blessing, really. Still, I have an opportunity to earn a little extra, and I fully intend to take advantage.

7. Use massage Groupon.
I’m thinking some time after I get my overtime, since I’ll probably need the stress relief.  Worth it.

6 Responses

  1. I roasted brussel sprouts recently for the first time too but surprisingly (I love roasted veg) didn’t enjoy them at all….

    • Yeah, Chad wasn’t too enamored of them either. What I really liked was when a few leaves would fall off and they’d cook up crispy and they tasted just like a potato chip. (Chad didn’t get to try any of those – I burn my fingers picking them all off the pan right out of the oven!)

  2. I just tried beets for the first time since I was a kid, and was shocked to realize I liked them.

    I was sent them by mistake – they are on my “do not send” list for my CSA! Also, despite not giving beets a chance except by mistake, my CSA has forced/allowed me to try and learn to cook a lot of new produce that I previously would have never bought.

    • Same here on the beets – Chad just happened to bring them home as leftover after Passover. I tried one, and was so sad that I’ve been missing out on them all my life.

      I’ve looked into joining a CSA, but around here it seems like they’re so expensive. Plus, Chad & I have divergent tastes when it comes to veggies – whatever I like, he can’t stand and vice versa. If there was a CSA where we could get nothing but fruit, though, I’d join in a heartbeat!

      • Ours has a fruit-only option! We recently switched from “regular” to “fast fruit & veg”, so it would ideally be things that you don’t have to cook. But we got an onion and fava beans this week, pretty sure I’ll have to cook those!

  3. I was also surprised to find that I don’t mind beets myself. I don’t know if I LIKE them, I’m still getting used to them, but they weren’t bad. I do love properly done brussels sprouts (LOTS of olive oil, salt, pepper or bacon fat instead of OO).

    Yikes, I can’t believe you need $2000 for this CA trip!!

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