If you asked me on laundry day, or on Day 78 of a shopping ban/wear everything challenge, I would tell you that I have too many clothes. If you asked me at 7am on a weekday, I would tell you that I need to go shopping because I have nothing to wear to work today.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it on the blog or just on Twitter, but I repeated my challenge to ban all shopping until I’d worn everything in my closet. I’m getting down to the wire (although technically I’ve broken the ban by buying emergency underwear when I forgot to pack panties for a weekend vacation), and both the itch to shop and the itch to purge are in full force. Yes, I am aware that those 2 things are somewhat contradictory.

Here is part of the problem:


Those are my 3 magenta clutch purses. Not shown is a larger magenta tote. I would say that 4 magenta purses is too many, especially when 3 of them are so very similar!

In my defense, 3 of said purses were gifts (2 of the clutches were from the same person!). And they do all serve slightly different purposes: one is fancy, one is casual, and one is a luxe suede that could go either way. I’ve gotten compliments on all 3.

It’s clear that I need to let at least 2 of these go, but I tend to be really sentimental about gifts. If someone put thought and effort into choosing a gift for me, how do I just throw it in the Donate pile?

My sentimentality made sure these purses made it through my last purge, but decluttering my closet for real means being a stone-hearted biatch.

And the worst part of all of this? I don’t even really like the color!

Do you hang onto gifts, even of they’re no longer “right?” What would you do if you had my purse problem?


2 Responses

  1. Oh, man, I tend to be super sappy sentimental, but had to toughen up myself when I was in your shoes a few months ago. It is SO hard to get rid of items that people have given you as gifts, but, like you said, you don’t even really like the color! I would donate them and feel good about the fact that someone else out there is going to find them and love them as much as your friend did when they gave the gift to you. It’s okay if the gift isn’t just right for you, it’s just right for someone else!

  2. If you don’t like the colour, let them go.

    Sentimentality or not.. well, take a photo and then let them go.

    My problem is worse. I LIKE everything I have, but I know I have a lot of it. I need to pare down, desperately but I am finding it very hard to šŸ˜


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