February Wrap-Up

This felt like a very full, exciting month.  One of my friends is moving away, so I’ve been trying to spend more time with her, either by going out for girls’ nights, or just by going to the gym together a few times a week.  D and I also planned two vacations, and I’m finding that planning vacations is almost as fun as actually going.  I’m spending my personal budget on more random stuff, like drinks at the bar and massage Groupons. My wear-everything challenging is still (!) going on, but I’m down to the dregs of my closet, down to the stuff that doesn’t fit quite right or that just doesn’t align with my style.  It’s hard to believe that my closet cleanout last year didn’t fix that, but there you go.

Goal-wise, this was a decent month! I didn’t achieve one of what I thought was my more important goals, but I got a great bonus at work and checked a lot of languishing items off my To Do list.

1. Work out 4 days per week. Done!
I’m averaging slightly higher than this (2 weeks until bikini!) due to our trip to Miami + a sorority reunion we have planned for March. Who knew vanity was such a motivator?

2. Read 8 books and review. Done!

3. Send in last 2011 FSA form. Done!
I actually had to do this one twice since the first set was rejected, so yay for failing at paperwork!

4. Sign up for a yoga class. Done!
Classes started on Monday, and it’s nice to practice with a new teacher! I might have to have her look up what “vinyasa” means, but I’m hoping that was just because it was the first class and she decided to take it easy on us.

5. Food goal: cook only from scratch for one week. Maybe?
Probably should have put a spoiler alert on my last post.  Actually, we might have made this, depending on how creatively I define “from scratch.”  I liked seeing all of the comments on my last post about how people define cooking from scratch, because I had such an all-or-nothing mindset.

6. Apply to be a volunteer at the animal shelter. Fail.
And I have no excuse. It’s written on my whiteboard at work, it’s in my notebook, it’s on the blog. I just didn’t get it done. Definitely on my list for next month!

How did you do this month?

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  1. Agree. I’m an overplanner by nature and heck, I probably spent as much time researching our Rarotonga trip last year as the trip actually took! And now i have to turn that to even bigger trips coming up….

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