To Accomplish, February 2012

1. Work out 4 days per week.
We’re going to Miami for Spring Break next month, so I might even bump this up to 5.

2. Read 8 books and review.

3. Send in last 2011 FSA form.
These forms are due by April, so there’s no rush, but I really should get tehm turned in since the expenses are from last summer. Oh, procrastination.

4. Sign up for a yoga class.
The classes offered by my neighborhood are only $5 each for a course of 8 (so $40 total), so I’m going to jump in an sign up for the next series, which starts at the end of the month.

5. Food goal: cook only from scratch for one week.
The only things that we don’t have to make ourselves is stuff like bread, tortillas, etc. We can also buy pre-cut chicken breasts and lunch meat. Really, the goal here is to not eat preprocessed foods like chicken fingers or canned soups or the millions of other horrifying things we put in our bodies each day.

6. Apply to be a volunteer at the animal shelter.

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