So-Late-I-Shouldn’t-Bother To Accomplish, January 2012

Every time I post twice in a single week, (and during the first week of January, I posted 3 times, which is a monumental accomplishment. For me.) I start feeling cocky about my blogging abilities. “This isn’t so hard!  I’m going to start posting twice a week every week and soon I’ll have one of those blogs that doesn’t languish silently for weeks at a time!”  This feeling of smug accomplishment carries me for about two weeks, at which point I realize I haven’t posted anything in that period.  And that I’ll be posting a list of monthly goals halfway through the month.

What happens then is that I get stage fright thinking about how it’s going to look when I post my goals midway through the month, just like I have pretty much every month since 2010.  I’ve joked before about being the worst PF blogger ever, but it’s times like these where I realize it’s true.

And so, you get my list of goals 22 days into the month.  I probably could have saved myself some effort by just posting a recap in… 1 week, when the month will be over, but then my faithful readers would miss that one week of suspense. I would never deny you those extra days of anticipation, the flutter in your stomach when you wonder if I’ll make my workout goal.

You’re welcome.

To Accomplish, January 2012

1. Reset 401K contributions and W4 withdrawals for 2012.
I try to estimate our income to figure out how many taxes we’ll owe and how much I need to contribute to my 401K in order to not owe anything on my taxes & not miss out on any employer match. I’m usually wrong and end up fiddling with the numbers in April, but I do this every January anyway. Might as well continue the tradition.

2. Work out 4 days per week.
I have to stop thinking that the holidays are a food free for all, where nothing I eat has calories and that 20-minute walk around the neighborhood is a real workout.

3. Read 10 books & write a quick summary/review.
This is related to one of my 2012 resolutions. I won’t share any spoilers!

4. Eat vegetarian for 1 week.
I was talking to a friend at work who is vegetarian, she mentioned that she thinks that it’s hard for people to get around the idea of a meal being something that doesn’t include meat. I grew up in a house where the meals were very traditional meat and potatoes type, and Chad’s house was similar. In our life together, our dinners have been pretty much the same. But there are plenty of other options, and they don’t all have to be breakfast for dinner or mac ‘n’ cheese type meals. I’m hoping a vegetarian week will be about exploring some foods we haven’t had before & expanding our ideas of meals.

We’ll probably just have cereal for dinner a lot.

5. Post my 2012 resolutions/goals on the blog.
I already have a big long list, but typing everything up is where the process falls apart. I will do this by the end of the month (in, erm, one week).

6. Research volunteer opportunities nearby.
One of my other resolutions is to give more – both time and money. I keep saying this, but it’s time I actually take action to do it!

3 Responses

  1. We grew up on meat & potatoes diets, but I cook largely vegetarian at home, mostly because i never really learned how to cook meat dishes that I like. Plus, I mostly just like beef, which is not really something I should be eating daily. Good luck! So – I guess that week must start tomorrow or the next day?

    • I actually knew this would be a goal, so we started last week. It hasn’t been too bad so far, just lots of beans!

  2. I think I posted my “2011 New Year” resolutions last year in September 2011, so it’s never too late!

    As for vegetarian, my husband and I eat meat but definitely not every night. it’s actually quite easy — think of stir fry veggies (substitute meat with tofu or mushrooms), frittata, pasta, fajitas with black beans instead of meat, etc.. I think it was easier for my husband and I since we didn’t grow up with a meat and potatoes culture but I know many people who have a harder time. Another thing I do is just reduce the meat portion size and increase vegetables in dishes like stir fry or fajitas.

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