Musing on Christmas Gifts

My parents offered to buy Chad and me a new TV for Christmas this year.

We’ve had a giant tube TV since we moved to California 6.5 years ago, a giant tube TV that also looked as though someone had taken a bite out of the side due to an accident on the moving van.  We’d been talking about getting a new one when Chad started working, a date that moved further away as Chad decided to go back to school full-time.

Instagram makes everything look classier than it really is.

Still, after upgrading the little TV we kept in our bedroom, we were itching for a new flatscreen in the living room.  The want got worse every time we came home from watching football in HD at our friends’ house (you just can’t tell if that player’s foot was in bounds when you’re watching in standard definition).

After dragging my parents to Costco to look at TVs one more time, they finally offered to buy us one for Christmas.  It took up all of our Christmas budget AND I won’t be getting a birthday present next year, but I would say it’s worth it!  We now have this 47″ monstrosity that dominates our living room and is complete overkill considering that we only sit about 5 yards from it.


We probably still could have seen that Penn State sucked, even in standard definition.

My original plan was to write a post titled “Gifts that cost money” and it would, of course, be about how upgrading our DirecTV to HD would increase our monthly bill by $XX, meaning the gift would commit us to enough extra money that we could buy the TV again.  I was not prepared for what actually what happened when we called: our bill dropped by $15 from the “discounted” price we had to call every 3 months to maintain.  And the features are a little better; we got the new dish for free, got the upgraded HD DVR and we can watch DVR’d shows in the bedroom.

No, we’re not “saving” any money, since we’re still shelling out $50/month to watch TV.  And while I still think the TV commits us to some extra expenses – shelling out for BlueRay versions of things, new cables required for everything, etc. – I still think it’s a fun gift.  I just wish we’d done it earlier in the football season!

Did you get any fun gifts this year?  Are they going to cost you extra, or save you some money?


3 Responses

  1. Yeah… PSU… their defense didn’t show up, simple as that.

    The B1G conference has looked terrible so far. Even MSU, they got lucky… 2 blown field goals.

    • Our soft zone defensive scheme did not work at all against Houston’s type of offense.

      We had a bunch of other issues, including some injuries that hurt us. Didn’t help that our slightly-less-crappy QB was injured in a locker room fight (!) and we had to play our how-did-this-guy-get-a-scholarship backup.

      B1G always tends to do badly in Bowl games (PSU is usually the exception, but not recently). I always think it’s because playing in cold weather vs. warmer weather requires different kinds of players, and of course, all the bowl games are played in temperate areas.

      • Ahh… you cannot play soft zone against a guy like Case Keenum… He has a rocket arm that’s deadly accurate. My big surprise is that your DL didn’t get to him. He was only sacked twice and barely pressured the whole game. He’s going to be an amazing pro QB.

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