Winter is here!

Here in DC, we’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures.  I’ve been enjoying the extension of fall, where I can pile on thin layers and cute coats, in contrast to winter, where I throw on my thickest sweater and unflattering puffy down coat and horrible faux Uggs and basically cease to look cute for the next 4 months.  I’ve also been enjoying our utility bills!  With no need for heat or air conditioning, they’re the lowest they’ve ever been.

I’ve been loathe to acknowledge the temperatures dropping.  But yesterday I had to scrape ice off my car for the first time, and apparently, our heat vampirism is no longer enough to keep our apartment toasty.  After a night of waking up freezing because Chad had wrapped the second comforter around himself again, leaving me nearly uncovered, I checked our thermostat.

55 degrees. Oh.

So the heat has been turned on, and we’ll probably have to keep it going until April.  Still, I’m glad I won’t be walking around my apartment wearing gloves this winter.

What’s your temperature limit? At what point is it too cold for you to keep your heat off anymore?  I work with a guy who said he keeps hims thermostat at 55 degrees when he’s home.  Could you do that?


2 Responses

  1. My temperature set is around 72 degrees; it’s a setting that didn’t cost too much monthly yet was just at comfortable. Comfortable meaning “Dude, it’s kind of chilly in here” but only a need for an extra layer on top and maybe extra or thicker socks. Fuzzy socks–I don’t know how I lived without them for decades, now that I’ve discovered them.

  2. I think when my nose feels cold, I turn the heat on. Usually, I’ll turn the heat on to 60F just to take the chill off, then bundle up with blankets, sweatshirts, slippers, etc. I could probably put it up higher (and sometimes I do) but I can usually deal with the cold. My mom will tell me “I’ll give you a dollar, just put up the heat!” to imply that maybe I’m being a bit cheap.

    I still haven’t actually programmed our thermostat to change the temperature for when we get home at night or wake up in the morning. Mostly I turn the heat on for a bit (at silly 60) then turn it off before I go to bed.

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