To Accomplish, November 2011

I always enjoy the time at the end of the year.  I look forward to the holidays and the holiday pay, we make elaborate New Years Eve plans but usually end up just heading to a bar (or staying home to watch the Twilight Zone marathon), and I get this huge burst of feelings of accomplishment as one by one, my New Years Resolutions get checked off.

How are you doing with your yearly goals?  Do you prefer the end of the year, when you’re almost done, or do you prefer January, when you get to write down your goals with the promise of fresh starts?

To Accomplish, November 2011

1. Make 2012 budget.
Since I finally switched banks to simplify my obsessive tracking of our finances, this means that I can get rid of several of the budgeting tricks I employed to simplify our previous arrangement.  I’m hoping that will make tracking spending easier next year.

2. Work out 4 times per week.
Oh, the old standby! 

3. Read 8 books.
I’m abandoning the idea of reading 100 books by the end of the year – I’d have to read something like 15 books in both November and December to pull this off, and I don’t even think that’s possible.

4. Try 3 new recipes.
I keep adding new recipes to Pinterest, but I’ve been slacking on actually cooking them!  Actually, this goal may be somewhat hard to meet since I’m working funny shifts for most of November, plus we’ll be out of town the week of Thanksgiving.  I mean, that still leaves me with at least 5 times the number of days I’d need to meet this goal, but you know.  Any excuse to not cook!

5. Make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
For some reason, D’s family does not have pumpkin pie at their Thanksgivings.  Sure, they have pumpkin-flavored desserts like pumpkin cheesecakes, or D’s famous pumpkin whoopie pies, but no pumpkin pie!  Which is my holiday Holy Grail of Desserts.

I figure, instead of complaining, I should make my own damn pie.  So I shall.

6. Do a net worth update.
I used to keep up with this monthly, but ever since I took my NetWorthIQ widget down, there has been no motivation to update it!  Still, I need to get a new look at our net worth, and I owe the blog an update as well.  I think I swore to do it quarterly, and I think I’ve only fit in one so far this year!

7. Schedule a massage.
November is going to be stressful.  Due to the aforementioned crazy work schedule, as well as another 2 presentation I’m giving to large audiences near the end of the month, I think I deserve something luxurious.  Hence, massage.  I may wait to actually get the massage until December, but I must book it by the end of the month!

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