Very Belated To Accomplish List, October 2011

I started writing down my monthly (and yearly) goals in a notebook that I keep at work, so although I’m never good about posting them on the blog at the beginning of the month, I at least have a list that reminds me every day. I also keep a list of the books I’ve read in the back of this notebook, and I realized only a few days ago that I’ve already beaten my goal of reading 50 books this year, by a rather large margin.

(By the way, a couple people asked how I read so much.  This is due to a combination of a.) there is no TV in the summer, so reading became my TV, b.) I check e-books out of the library, so I have to read them before they expire, and c.) because I get my books from the library, they are usually all over the place, so some are not what I would consider “good” books.  Also, since I read almost exclusively on my Nook, I can see the page I’m on and total page count – it makes reading a book sort of like a challenge.  I’m not really sure how to explain it, but I find it very motivating!)

Also, holy crap!  It’s October!


To Accomplish, October 2011

1. Work out 4 times per week.
I was on travel part of the first week of October, and will be heading out again next Sunday for another trip, but I’m going to keep up with my workouts, even if I end up doing a Netflix workout video in my hotel room.

2. Read 8 books.
OK, the original goal was 10 books, but since we’re halfway through the month and I’m still working on Book #3, I’m going to lower my standards.  (By the way, I’m working o the second book in The Hunger Games series, and I cannot recommend these books enough.  D has been getting irritated because I will just flat out ignore him (or grunt) if he tries to talk to me while I’m reading!)

3. Try at least 3 new recipes.
And no cheating like last month, where I found a recipe and made D cook it!  Yes, technically I tried it, but that was not how I meant it!

4. Talk to my coworkers.
This is a repeat from September.  It’s not looking so good for October, either.

5. Read a book on a programming language.
I discovered that my work has an internal website with a ton of technical manuals, including books on programming.  In engineering, this is a very useful skill, so I’ve made a list of some of the languages I’d like to learn.  Most are pretty user-friendly & simple, so I’m going to make it a goal to read books on at least 2 of the easiest ones.

I almost majored in computer engineering for my undergrad degree, but discovered during my first semester that I am not a great programmer and also that I don’t like it very much.  I went with a different major and it was definitely the right choice! Still, I’m trying to overcome my distaste and keep reminding myself about all of the programming my coworkers have done to simplify our work.

6. Take car of all of my car inspections/bills.
The best thing about California was that owning a car required little more than writing a check for registration every year, but if you had a newer car, no inspections or smog tests were required.  Virginia is great in a lot of ways, but they are totally annoying about cars!  I have to pay property taxes on my car, get 2 different inspections, pay for licensing, and pay registration fees.  It’s too many things to keep track of, and I am highly disorganized.  And also, I procrastinate.  And also we had to do some repairs on my car last month, so I’m still sort of mad at it.



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