To Accomplish, September 2011

I’m amazed that it’s already September, but also very impatient for fall to get here.  I’m dreaming of hot chocolate and scarves and black tights and boots, but 90-degree afternoons make even hot coffee in the morning sound like torture.  Regardless, my mind already thinks it’s fall, so I’ve been eying plaid shirts and ankle boots and chunky sweaters.  I’ve also been coveting a new winter coat, and then I have to sort of slap myself because I already have 4 (although one is clearly on its last legs…) and I know I’ll only end up wearing my puffy down coat every day once the temperatures drop.  Who cares about looking cute when you’re freezing?

I’ve also become completely addicted to Pinterest, which I avoided for the longest time because I couldn’t see how anyone would want to browse through a bunch of pictures with no context.  I was way wrong, and now I spend way too much time browsing through other people’s pins.  On the plus side, I think this will help with the ever-expanding “Inspiration” folders on my desktop, which is where I usually stash style/home decor pictures.

To Accomplish, September 2011

1. Work out 4x per week, 2 of which should be running.  Also, force D to work out at least once per week.
I don’t care how big my butt gets from running (does anyone else have this problem?  I lose weight but then my pants are tight in the butt and loose in the waist), I never feel like anything else is a “good enough” workout.  Nothing fancy, the runs don’t need to be more than 3 miles, but I’ve been slacking lately, and running is a good way to bring the intensity back up.

As for D, he should have enough free time to work out with me at least one night per week now that he’s not in the lab every day!

2. Read 10 books.
This is completely doable as long as I don’t waste too much time on Pinterest.  Also, I’m flying out to LA for work (and staying over a few extra days – yay free vacation!), so that’s 6 hours on a plane with nothing else to do.

3. Pack away summer clothes.
I don’t know if this will actually be necessary this month since it’s still extrememly hot, but it’s about time to take all of my winter clothes out & put summer-only clothes away.  Once temperatures get consistently below 70 I’ll make the swap.

4. Try at least 3 new recipes.
This is just one recipe per week; I’ll skip the week I’m on vacation.  I’ve been pinning a whole bunch of recipes (and I have about 30 recipes bookmarked on my computer), but I never actually get around to making all of these things that sound so delicious!  D has late classes during the week, so I might use that excuse to make some of the recipes that sound so good to me but that D would hate.

5. Chat with a couple of my coworkers about their jobs.
I work with so many experts, it’s crazy!  Since I know roughly where I want my career to go, I think I’ll talk to the 2 coworkers who do the work I want to do someday and get them to pass on some of their experience/knowledge.  This might be hard since this month is going to be crazy, but sooner is better than later!

6. Don’t worry too much about money while we’re in California.
Technically this will mostly be in October, but I find that I always do the same thing when we’re on vacation: I worry about how much we’re spending on eating out and admission tickets and such, but then we get halfway through the trip and I start worrying that we’ll waste the trip, so then I go all out.  Since we’ll only be there for 3 non-work days, I don’t think we can do too much damage to the budget.

7. Go to the tailor.
If  the clothes in my needs-tailoring pile aren’t altered by October 7th, I have to donate them.  It’s no good keeping things for “when I get time to go to the tailor” and keeping them unworn in the meantime.  Some of these I’ve known need tailoring for years (I think my 2009 Goals had an item on there about going to the tailor, but I never went.  That’s almost 3 years ago!), but if I don’t go now, I never will.

What are your goals for September?


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  1. Wahhh I lose my butt when I run… I wish I had your problem.

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