August Wrap-Up

This is a perfect example of my I don’t set hard-to-meet goals: because I fail to meet them.  To be honest, I didn’t really remember  most of these goals until I checked the list today.  Usually I use the “To Accomplish” list as just that – a to do list for things that I want to do in a month.  Maybe it’s good for me to fail every once in a while, but I probably should avoid setting goals I know I’d fail (like #1 below – I think I knew how this would end!).

1. Do yoga every day. Fail.
I did OK at this for about 2 weeks (although there were a few nights where I got up and did a sun salutation and a couple of poses before bed because I’d forgotten to do yoga all day).

I still worked toward my goal of working out 4x per week, although that fell apart due to a 22-hour shift I pulled on Thursday, which completely wrecked me for the rest of the weekend.  Still, I haven’t abandoned fitness AND yoga, so I guess that’s good.

2. Go for a hike with D. Fail.
To be honest, I completely forgot that this was a goal.  Although to be fair, the weekend of our anniversary was hurricane Irene, so I think we can be forgiven for not going then.

3. Read 8 books. Then read 2 classics that I’ve never read before. Fail.
I got the 8 books done, but didn’t have a chance to finish Sense & Sensibility before the deadline, and anyway, that would have only been 1 classic book.  Still, I might repeat this goal for next month – I have a huge stack of unread books that I need to get through!

4. Enjoy my vacation! Done!
Finally, something that actually got done! I went to the beach and read books and ate junk food and got a horrible sunburn.  It was everything I needed to help me forget the stress of work.

5. Get some good feedback at my mid-year review. Done!
According to my boss, he hasn’t heard one bad thing about me this year from any of the other managers.  So as far as good feedback (e.g.. constructive criticism), I didn’t get much, but I was told I was awesome so I’m going to count this as a win.

I wussed out on asking for a promotion, but I totally have  plan for when I’m going to ask.  Since my promotion would (best case) come through next year, I ask during my 2012 goal setting talk, “What do I need to do to make you comfortable with promoting me by September?”  I’m not a very aggressive person, so just throwing out the idea of a promotion out there – a year early – isn’t my style and the idea made me uncomfortable.  My new plan is much more in line with my personality, while still getting the job done.  Now I just have to remember to do this when January rolls around!


2 Responses

  1. In my opinion, you got the 2 most important things done! Happy fall!

  2. Instead of planning on asking for a promotion, try taking on a few bits of extra work or casually filling in for a colleague. Start doing the job you want to do and perhaps promotion might be automatic?

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