To Accomplish, August 2011

I feel like I’ve been posting the same goals over and over every month. Work out 4x/week. Read some books. Do the things that I should have done 6 months ago. I’m sure it’s boring for everyone else to read, and it’s boring me too! I’m going to try to make different goals this month – make them a little harder to meet due to their newness – just to break the monotony.

To Accomplish, August 2011

1. Do yoga every day.
This can be as simple as doing a few sun salutations or practicing one challenging new pose, or I can do a whole workout. I’m going to try to also get in 3 days of cardio each week, but I think getting in the yoga will be harder to meet. I fully expect to fail this, but that’s OK! I’m branching out.

2. Go for a hike with D.
This is the frustrating thing about being 2 overworked, semi-lazy people. We love hiking, but never go. But we love it! Every time we go, we end up going on a 5-hour hike because we’re having so much fun. Scramble up some rocks? Awesome! 2 extra miles to see a waterfall? Sure, how often do we get to do this? Our anniversary is at the end of the month, so it’s the perfect excuse.

3. Read 8 books. Then read 2 classics that I’ve never read before.
My sister bought me a couple of those gorgeous Penguin clothbound books, but I’m committing the cardinal sin of book owning: some are books I haven’t read yet! This must be corrected. I always have a hard time reading books that are considered classics, even if I’d normally love the books. Something about it being “required” makes me procrastinate. This happened in school, too. I’d read half-heartedly (while devouring other books), but once I went back to read them after the papers were turned in, I found them much more enjoyable.

4. Enjoy my vacation!
We’re going to the Outer Banks with D’s family. I’ve never been, but everyone I’ve told has gotten really excited. I don’t even care if it rains while we’re there – I’m going to sit/lay around and read and consume terrible foods and good beer and forget the stress of July. And then I’ll come back ready to get all stressed out again!

5. Get some good feedback at my mid-year review.
This will be a week from Monday. I don’t think I have much to be worried about, but I still think I should write up a list of the good things I’ve done this year. Just to be prepared. I’ve also been thinking a little bit about what my coworker said – should I bring up the idea of a promotion? I still think it’s a little early, but I’ve been working my ass off. Maybe I’ll review what the requirements for a promotion would be besides the years of service (since those are the only thing I ever bother to check!), just to be ready.


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