To Accomplish, July 2011

My #1 goal for August: post goals within the first three days.

No big goals this month – I have enough going on with work that I’m already feeling a little overwhelmed.

To Accomplish, July 2011

1. Work out 4x per week.
Not much to say about this one.  We’re going to the beach with D’s camera-happy family the first week of August, so maybe I should step it up a bit!

2. Don’t eff up my project.
I like to say that I stole this project.  No one was really working on it, so I jumped in and said I was the lead and scheduled a bunch of meetings about it.  I am riding on the work of many people who are much, much smarter than me and trying to coordinate a massive number of things.  It’s stressful!  Thing I did not think about when I stole this project: how if everything went wrong, it would be my fault.  However, the success of my presentation has me feeling like I could kick the ass of at least 4 different things, so I’m going to pretend that everything will be perfect.

3. Read 8 books.
I played Angry Birds for the duration of one of my 6-hour flights, so I didn’t do as much reading as I had planned during my trip.  ‘ll just ahve to tackle them in July!

4. Other little tasks to get done:

  • Schedule eye doctor appointment. For serious this time.
  • Get gold flats repaired. (I have literally worn a hole in the bottoms of these shoes, that is how much I wear them!)
  • Clean out our closet.
  • Take photos of clothes to sell.
  • File expense report.
  • Clean the apartment before D’s parents visit!

2 Responses

  1. Are you selling the clothes on ebay or another site?

    • A lot of it is Anthropologie stuff, so I was thinking of posting them on one of the blogs that has a weekly sale post. I was also thinking of posting them on a separate page here.

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