June Wrap-Up

June was such a busy month, and I didn’t really set up anything too challenging.  Anyway, here’s how I did!

To Accomplish, June 2011

1. Work out 4x per week. Done!

2. Do well on presentation in 2 weeks. Done x 76587436584!
I still can’t believe how well this went!

3. Read 5 8 books. Done!
A couple of these were horrifying trashy novels (2 by Lauren Conrad – nuff said), but a couple were decent.  I’ll post the list later so everyone can judge my low-brow tastes.

4. Other little tasks to get done:

  • Schedule eye doctor appointment. Fail. I suck.
  • Get gold flats repaired. (I have literally worn a hole in the bottoms of these shoes, that is how much I wear them!) Fail.
  • Run my 5K. Done! I even got up to do it on 2 hours of sleep!
  • Take care of the recall on my car. Done!  But mostly because of Chad.
  • Buy myself some flowers. Done!  AND Chad surprised me with some Gerbera daisies after my trip to LA. 

3 Responses

  1. Looks like you did well. I might start making monthly goal lists for myself 🙂

    • I definitely recommend it – they say writing it down makes you more likely to do it. And I’ve found that the shame I feel reporting my failures to people (even random people on the Internet) is a great motivator!

  2. […] not the only one who waited until well into July to check up on my goals for […]

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