The Holy Grail of Bad PF Decisions

Just to cement my position as Worst PF Blogger Ever (this is the award I give myself every year when I file taxes on April 14th), I finally caved in and bought myself an iPhone.

I’ve been wanted one forever, even going so far as to write a post about it last June.  There has also been news floating around the internet that Verizon is getting rid of their unlimited data plan and going to tiered plans that cost MORE than the unlimited does now.

So Chad and I finally combined our cell phone plans (he was still on his parents plan!) and upgraded to smart phones.

And I can’t help it, but I get very excited every time I look at the shiny symbol of my unwise financial decision!


So, what apps does everyone like?  Give me recommendations!


4 Responses

  1. Smart phones are really life changers. I didn’t get an iPhone, but we upgraded this spring. T upgraded from a Motorola Slvr circa 2006 or so.

  2. This doesn’t even come close to being a bad PF decision. There are positives and negatives to always being connected, and there are some that argue it allows potential for greater profitability and flexibility to be able to respond anywhere anytime.

    Good decision there.

    As far as apps… and ones that will save you money… definitely get Living Social and Groupon. However, the best happy hour deal finder is drink owl. Great in DC and surrounding parts.

    • I think it was time – I didn’t want to be one of those people who waits too long to adopt and then can’t figure anything out!

      Also, hi!

  3. AwesomeNotes, Do It Tomorrow, Bejeweled

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