To Accomplish, June 2011

There’s something about summer that makes me lazy.  Maybe it’s just the heat, which makes any movement away from the cool wind of the fan an almost Herculean effort.  Maybe it’s the itch to escape into the sunshine.  No huge goals this month, mostly just my regular goals and a small To Do list.

To Accomplish, June 2011

1. Work out 4x per week.
Not much to say about this one.  I’ve managed to keep up a regular workout schedule this year, although some late-night shift I’m scheduled for might make this goal a little more difficult.

2. Do well on presentation in 2 weeks.
I never get to give briefings, and this one is a pretty big deal since I’ll be presenting to our customer, to my work group, and to another group of workers from our factory.  My goal is to put together a great presentation and to practice it so much that I glide through without a single moment of stage fright.

3. Read 5 8 books.
The original goal on this was to read 5, but since I’m already working on book 5 and we’ve only just finished the first week of the month, I think I can pump this goal up a little bit.

4. Other little tasks to get done:

  • Schedule eye doctor appointment.
  • Get gold flats repaired. (I have literally worn a hole in the bottoms of these shoes, that is how much I wear them!)
  • Run 5K. (My work site is holding a 5K, but it’s pretty early in the morning so who knows if I’ll wake up in time?)
  • Take care of the recall on my car.
  • Buy myself some flowers. (I’ve been feeling kind of crappy lately, but there’s no way to be unhappy when you’re looking at a vase full of fresh flowers!)

2 Responses

  1. Good luck on your briefing! I always kind of like briefings, especially the chaos and energy they bring to the office.

    The later in the month I post my goals, the better i do. ha. 🙂

  2. Your to-do list sounds similar to ones I make for myself. Maybe I should start posting them on my blog as well to hold myself accountable!

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