May Wrap-Up

This month felt so long, and we ended up going over budget in almost every area.  It’s frustrating when you can see you’re going over, you see that you’re already over, but there’s essential spending going on and so you’re just going to have to dig the hole deeper.  It wasn’t more than we could cover or anything, but still very annoying.

1. Work out 4x per week. Done!
OK, so technically there was one week where I only worked out 3 times, but I made up for it by working out 5 times the next week.  I don’t think I’ll ever increase this goal to go 5 times per week – it was hard to fit it in!

2. Read 5 books. Done!
I read 8!  I’ve been trying to read “good books,” but sometimes you just want to escape into something mindless.  I think I did an OK job of alternating between the two and not succumbing to the desire to only read the literary equivalent of Jersey Shore.  The 8 books were

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen (Very entertaining.  I’d had a bunch of people recommend his books to me.)

The Twisted Sisterhood: Unraveling the Dark Legacy of Female Friendships by Kelly Valen (Somehow I’d expected more from this book.  It seemed like the author kept saying the same thing over and over, and I really feel like she could have taken everything much further than she did.  I dunno, it was just OK for me.)

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (This book was awesome.  It took me almost 2 weeks to get through it because it’s so densely packed with information, but the writing flows and the author is really funny.  Definitely recommended!)

LA Candy by Lauren Conrad (Did I mention the literary equivalent of Jersey Shore?  That was this.  To be fair, I was recovering from the previous book and gearing up for the next one.)

The Little Book of String Theory by Steven Scott Gubser (I am not smart enough to understand string theory.  That’s what I got out of this book.)

Breaking Night by Liz Murray (Decent.  Alternates between heartbreaking and hilarious.)

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater (Didn’t much care for this one,  but that happens with YA fiction sometimes.  Was so Twilight it hurt.)

Bossypants by Tina Fey (I love Tina Fey.  ‘Nuff said.)

3. Go to the eye doctor. Fail.
I suck, because I really need to do this.

4. Be more social. Done!
I was definitely more social, but this was so vaguely worded that I think it would have been a pass no matter what.

5. Go to training on industry software. Done!
This was my first experience with being schmoozed – the food was phenomenal (we got tiramisu for dessert one day!) – since it’s really just a prolonged sales pitch.  I definitely can see us using it at work (someone tells me we already have access somewhere…), although I think only about 10% of what we learned would be applicable at my job.  Definitely adding it to my resume.


4 Responses

  1. Why did you say “not smart enough”. I think trying to understand string theory without an undergrad in physics and maybe expecting a little too much. Maybe don’t know enough to understand string theory.

    • My educational background heavily involves physics!

      Going in, I knew a little bit about string theory – basically that all matter is made up of tiny vibrating strings & membranes. Then you start getting into well, the strings are vibrating in 26 dimensions, and if you fold those dimensions into themselves, then you can get it down to 10. And these strings could have negative mass.

      That is way to much for a simple comment. Basically, I tend to take my inability to comprehend things as a personal failing. My inability to be a genius at everything is a constant disappointment to me! 🙂

  2. You read Bill Bryson’s book in TWO WEEKS? Did you stop to eat? To pee? To SLEEP? I have diligently tried to work my way through that book countless times because the writing is so good and the way he describes science makes it so fascinating and I have never, ever managed to finish it.

    Hats off, lady. I am so impressed it hurts.

    • There was definitely a Saturday where I just laid on my couch and read! I’m a pretty fast reader, and I think the time it was taking (no matter how much I enjoyed the book!) was annoying me!

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