Spring is Here!

One of the things I always missed when I was living in LA was seasons.  I missed the sultry days of summer, the changing leaves and crisp air of fall.  I even missed the biting cold of winter, although once I moved back East and we got those 2 blizzards, I forgot that.  Spring was never my favorite season – it always seemed to drag, the cold weather still lingering, the warm weather always occurring when we were still in school, praying for summer to come a little faster.

My boots are scuffed (and the cheap ones are salt-stained).  Most of my tights are in tatters, one day away from being completely unwearable, even with boots.  Luckily, ever since the 85 degree day we had a week ago, I have refused to acknowledge cold anymore.  My down coat is packed away for next year, as are my wool pencil skirts and heavy sweaters. Seeing the budding trees and flowers just opening, I think I can appreciate spring, just a little bit.

I always get over-excited in April, buying things in anticipation of summer, which then seems to take way too long to arrive!  Some of the things I’m still waiting to break out:

Target wedges. I saw these babies while I was on my shopping ban, and I was hoping that they wouldn’t sell out of my size before my birthday.  And the waiting paid off, since when I finally went back, they had one pair left in my color and size, and they were on sale!  I am pretty sure I am going to wear these shoes with everything.

And although my one vice is usually clothes, I still couldn’t pass up daffodils when I saw them at the grocery store.  There’s just something about flowers that makes me smile (and I’m aware that this makes me a total girl).  I’m contemplating buying flowers more frequently this year since they are so cheerful.

Probably my favorite gift this year was a NOOK (Barnes & Noble’s eReader) from Chad.  I’ve been doing horribly on my 50 books in 2011 challenge, and really, it was just a matter of getting to the bookstore or the library, finding the book (and it felt as thought the library never had the books I wanted), lugging it around, and then actually reading it.  (I’m aware that this makes me sound like the laziest person alive, since this is really not all that much work. Minor psychological barriers do this to me all the time!)  Anyway, the Nook has gotten rid of one of those barriers for me, since now I can hear about a book, look it up, and add it to my wishlist.  I’ve already started spreading the word that B&N gift cards will be greatly appreciated in the future.  Ebooks are not cheap, so I’ve also been exploring free downloads from gutenberg.org and ebooks from my public library.

My other barrier with reading is my ever-growing GoogleReader unread list, so we went with the regular WiFi Nook over the NookColor.  Otherwise, I’d probably just use it to surf the ‘net.

Anyone else looking forward to summer?  What are your must-have items for spring (and I’m not just talking about clothes!) going to be?


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