One week left!

So here we are, nearly a week out from the due date of taxes, and we still have not filed.

In my defense, I filled out the TurboTax software in February.  Chad decided he wanted to check my work, so it has languished for nearly 6 weeks until he gets around to it.

Time to put my wifely nagging skills to work!


5 Responses

  1. Ahhhh! Do them! Are you getting a refund or do you owe?

  2. This is the year of late filing. I’m done but was waaay later than usual.

    Same question as Stephanie’s …!

    • Refund from federal, owe state.

      I seriously had the TurboTax filled out in February since I knew we’d be getting a refund, but life got in the way!

  3. I’m holding out! Owes $1.3K. -_-

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