February Wrap-Up

I’m feeling sort of lost recently. Besides reading and surfing the internet, I’ve forgotten what I used to do for fun before grad school.  And I’ve just realized that I’ve been out of school for almost 2 years, so that excuse really doesn’t fly anymore.  And I’ve decided that shopping is not a hobby, especially not for a PF blogger!  So now I just have to figure out what I like to do… what do you do for fun?

1. Continue wearing everything in my closet. Done!
I have about 2 more days until I’m done.  Now I have to gather up all the things that really don’t fit and figure out what to do with them.

2. Max out my Roth IRA. Done!
Our bonuses were huge (which I think means raises will be crappy – they always seem to be opposite), so I got to max out my Roth IRA and put a little extra into savings.  Next step: max out Chad’s!

3. Read 5 books. Fail.
I managed to read three, but two of them were easy Harry Potter books (I’m trying to get through all of them before the last movie comes out this summer) so they barely qualify.  Oh well, I knew I wasn’t going to make this one anyway!

4. Work out 4x per week. Done!
I even got in an outside run during the one 70-degree day we had.  I’m looking forward to nicer weather, and I might sign Chad & myself up for a 5K or 10K (no more 10+ mile races) so we are forced to train.

5. Finish all unfinished goals from January. Done!
– I went to the dentist, and got yelled at for not flossing.  Then they broke a piece of floss on my tooth.  Guess why I don’t floss?
– We finally hung up our shelves and some pictures, so the next step is probably going to be deciding that I hate everything.  Or we’ll just get some new bookshelves. Whichever.


5 Responses

  1. Read, cook, bake, eat, run, blog, take photos, watch movies, play guitar….I don’t understand how so many PF bloggers complain of boredom! Personally I never have enough time for all the things I want to do…

    • I find cooking and baking so incredibly stressful! Since I rarely cook/bake, I feel like I have to make something new and exciting. Then I worry if it doesn’t turn out perfectly as I had planned.

      And I have long lamented my complete lack of artistic abilities. I have tried writing, photography, playing the clarinet, and drawing. I am not good at anything but math. Alas.

  2. My wife and I like to cook together, read, watch movies on Netflix, and speak “fake French” to one another. It’s stupid but it makes us laugh. Really enjoy the blog! Congrats on maxing out the IRA!


  3. I know what you mean–sometimes I can’t recall any real hobbies. Most of my circle feels the same. Probably because we are all living paycheck to paycheck and focusing on just getting by right now.

    Congrats on maxing out the Roth–I dream of the day!

  4. I used to stress about the cooking and baking for the very same reason. Then I discovered that PiC will eat just about everything I create – even when I hate it. That basically makes it easy. Then I discovered HE can’t handle the stress of new recipes as much, so I instigate the cooking and baking (mostly, he helps) and he does more of the eating and we’re pretty much happy on that front. Minus the getting fat thing.

    Alternatively, you should just get someone to be your cook/baker while you be their eater. 🙂

    Starting to read again is big.

    Working out is too.

    That’s about the extent of the hobbies I can make time for, if that.

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