How I’m Staying Warm

My goal to wear everything in my closet is presenting a little more of a challenge as we’ve suffered some snow and sub-zero temperatures here in D.C.  Although I gave myself a pass on some strictly-summer items like bathing suits and sandals, there’s still a multitude of t-shirts, sleeveless blouses, and short-sleeved cardigans that usually get stored under the best from September – May.

I’m still trying to wear as many items as possible, and there have been a couple of items that have helped me turn summery skirts and peep-toe heels into wearable, if not completely practical, items.

Sometimes I layer on 2 pairs for extra warmth or for textural interest.  They make it possible to wear my favorite skirts even when the wind chill is at 10 degrees.  Even better, the extra leg coverage means I can justify wearing some skirts that might normally be an inch or two too short for the office.

I’m sure it’s not groundbreaking that I layer these over printed shells and t-shirt to keep them in rotation for winter.  My favorite technique is wearing two cardigans at once – it adds an extra dimension to the outfit (sometimes I wear vests under cardigans for the same effect), while giving me credit for wearing the short-sleeve sweaters.

Snow Boots
I have a pair of old, old Target fake Uggs (I call them my Fuggs), and while they are probably the most hideous shoes on the planet, they keep my feet warm!  Usually I’ll wear these for my commute and slip into cute shoes once I get to my office.  It’s not the most attractive option, but my work heels (and my feet!) would never survive the slush and salt.

Down Coat
I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in mine, but I do not care. This coat + my Fuggs mean the cold cannot touch me.  I’ve worn short sleeves under this coat and still felt warm and cozy.  I’ve even gotten compliments on mine (someone from LA, in town on business), although I definitely didn’t buy it because of it’s attractiveness.


What have you been doing to stay warm but still cute this winter?  Californians need not respond, we all know you’re at the beach!


8 Responses

  1. I love your name for fake Uggs. That is awesome. I’m gonna start calling mine Fuggs too!

    What I like doing is wearing jeans with leggings underneath, that way my legs are extra warm. I also love thick sweaters and cardigans right now. One of my sweaters is actually so thick that when the temperature here crept up to over 0C, I just wore that!

    Right now though I’m really loving scarves. Not only are they super warm for your neck, but they are very fashionable, as long as you pick the right ones. I think they go great with cardigans.

    Because Fuggs don’t look all that great with every outfit, and look especially hot when you get a bit of a snow stain, I usually bring a pair of flats or heels with me to school, and then keep my boots in my locker all day and wear the heels! All of my classes are in the same building, so as long as you’re not walking around outside then I guess that’s okay. 🙂

    Those are my tips this winter anyways.

    • I haven’t done the leggings-under-pants thing yet, but I might have to if it gets any colder!

      I love scarves, but I’m still working up to the idea of spending $50 on one. For some reason I feel like they should be under $20, but all of the thick, long ones I like are really expensive.

      Yeah, I definitely change shoes once I get to work! I’m trying to figure out if I’ll get weird looks for wearing sandals – after all, it’s not like the building is snowy!

  2. Love that coat! What brand is it?

    I’ve been living in my J Crew boots with tucked-in jeans, with women’s thermals underneath. The boots are the only shoes I have that are suitable for walking on packed-in snow and ice, and the thermals have been a godsend. Also I’ve been rotating my collection of vintage and vintage-styled coats. The one bright spot of living in a cold climate. 🙂

    • It’s Patagonia… mine is actually from Land’s End, but for some reason I was having a really hard time finding a picture of it!

      I’ve been getting old Anthropologie coats off of eBay. If you buy in the middle of the summer, you can get great deals!

  3. I did have to wear a sweater the other day. . .

    I have Fuggs too (pink, from target or maybe american eagle) and I break them out once each year when I travel back home. And when I go surfing (ie, never).

    Stay warm!

    • I remember there were be a few weeks where I got to break out a light winter coat, and it always pleased me. Now, I’d kind of be happy not seeing my winter coats again.

      I bought a lot of my winter clothes specifically for trips to my parents house during the holidays! It seemed frivolous at the time, but whenever Chad needs to buy a new coat or some waterproof boots, who has the last laugh?

  4. […] a big fan of those trendy tall suede boots (or fuggs as Paranoid Asteroid would call them) that are oh-so-perfect for treking to work in the snow in, so when I received an […]

  5. Hey, it gets cold in CA! 😉

    I love Uggs and Ugg-like shoes. They are so warm and comfortable. I wore them when they were in and I will continue wearing them… my quest for warmth will not be denied!

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