January Wrap-Up

The end of January already – I feel like this year is moving even faster than 2010 did!

I didn’t do that great on my goals this week, which is sad because I really didn’t set up anything that was too challenging.  I’m going to probably repeat the unaccomplished goals in February, and every month until I do them.  Hopefully I won’t have to repeat them again in March.

1. Reconcile 2010 budget. Done!
I got to enjoy our 2010 success for about 5 minutes before I turned my attention to kicking 2011’s ass!

2. Rework 2011 budget. Done!
I got to enjoy some extra time with Excel this month, which always makes me happy.  I also realized that my money micromanagement means that I should probably just take over Chad’s account too. (He told me I could!  I’m just transferring money into our savings accounts, not spying on his spending.)

3. Schedule dentist and eye doctor appointments. Fail.
I suck.  That is all.

Repeating this one for February!

4. Do the College Fashion Fashion Challenge: Wear Something Magnificent Every Day for a Week. Done!
I didn’t like the way the first week went, so I tried it for a second.  I discovered that I actually really like putting outfits together in my head the night before – it makes the morning a lot less stressful!

5. Start organizing the apartment. Fail.
I still haven’t unpacked from Christmas! ‘Nuff said.

6. Post 2011 goals. Done!
I had a lot this year, and I finally got them all posted.


One Response

  1. Success. 🙂 I was going to see my doctor this month too but I’ll have to postpone it for March

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