2011 Goals: Life

While my financial goals feel like a “To Do” list, and my fitness goals feel like a chore, my Life goals were the most fun to come up with and the ones that I most want to accomplish.  I learned my lesson last year when I set a bunch of personal goals that would be done by the middle of the year, so hopefully these will take a little longer.

2011 Goals: Financial

1. Wear everything in my closet before buying any new clothes.
I mean everything – tights, shoes, jewelry included.  There are certain things in my closet that I avoid, just because they aren’t super flattering or because I never quite figured out how to wear them or because I shrank them when I forgot they were dry clean only.  By wearing everything I have, I’ll be able to figure out what I’m still missing (“this blouse is crying out for a sky blue cardigan!”), what really should be passed on to someone else (my little sister gets all the stuff I accidentally shrink or grow out of), and what pieces I truly love.

The only exceptions are seasonally-inappropriate clothes that can’t be adapted to the weather (some of my summer sandals – not sure if my workplace is ready for sandals + tights) and party clothes.  If I should have a party to attend, though, I have to wear something I already own!

In theory, I’ll get through everything before spring comes around, giving me a little bit of time to try selling some of my nicer or unworn items before a giant shopping spree in time for my birthday.

One exception: This dress from Anthropologie, should it go on sale before I’ve made it through the challenge.  Only because I totally could have bought it at full price before the end of 2010, and I waited like a good pf blogger.

2. Blog at least 2x per week.
I made fun of myself when I first set this goal in 2008, but it turns out that it actually is a little hard for me!  Each year, I typically can keep it together until June or July, but once the glorious long days of summer begin, I have little patience for sitting at a computer.  It usually takes me until the next round of New Year’s Resolutions to get back into the swing of things.

3. Make our apartment like a place real people live.
We never intended to stay in our apartment so long, but with Chad looking at a 2012 graduation date, it seems likely we’ll be renewing our lease again in August.  We’d put off decorating and buying some new furniture since we didn’t want to have a bunch of new crap to pack, but since that probably won’t be an issue for a while, I think we’re going to take the plunge.  We’re armed with some Christmas & Hanukkah presents, so hopefully the financial sting won’t be too bad.

Bonus fact: Once we’d gotten our apartment in California looking the way I wanted, I was offered a new job that came with a raise.  Crossing my fingers that this works for Chad!

4. Stop cursing so much.
I have a bit of a potty mouth.  It’s just that certain four-letter words add such emphasis and hilarity to otherwise dull statements!  Still, someone mentioned the term “executive polish” the other day, and I don’t exactly have that.  No one has ever mentioned this as an issue (except Chad during football games, but that’s just something he’s going to have to live with), so I’m being proactive.  I’ve enlisted the help of some friends in my office who have promised to call me out if they hear a dirty word, and they suggested a “Swear Jar.”  Every naughty word that slips out means a dollar donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!

One unintended side effect is that now we have lively conversations about which words count as swear words.  Some are obvious, but some exist in a gray area (damn, frick, etc.). (Middle fingers, if you’re interested, are only worth $0.50.)  Even my boss gets in on the debates sometimes.  Some others in the office are talking about starting their own charity swear jars, although we all agree that the people who really need one probably wouldn’t be interested.

5. Read 50 books.
This feels much less impressive after I read that a couple of bloggers are going for 100 books (is this you?  I read it on someone’s blog, but can’t remember whose!), but 50 books will be enough of a challenge for me.  Especially considering some work stuff that’s coming up this year.  Anyone have any recommendations?

6. Kick ass at work.
No, I don’t have to pledge that I won’t go online or that I’ll spend less than 30 minutes discussing last night’s football game during work hours.  I just want to make sure that I feel like I’ve done good work, that I’ve put in effort where it’s needed or required, and that if there are any complaints about my performance, it’s not that I didn’t try hard enough.  Normally I’d put a goal like, “Get an ‘exceeds expectations’ on my final review,” but if my company’s policy this year (managers were told to give everyone lower evaluation ratings, even so far as a recommended distribution!  This is BS by the way, and I say that as someone who actually got one of the good reviews) is any indication, sometimes those kinds of things are outside your control.

I know my abilities, and I just want to exceed my own expectations.  That will be good enough!


10 Responses

  1. I only put 12 books I think. Ha. These are great, well thought out goals.

    I don’t know that i’ve ever heard anyone swear at work. Weird!

    I too think recommending (/forcing) a distribution was BS, especially since it was all last minute, literally less than a week before some planned conversations. Despite getting one of my best reviews ever, it still really worries me about the values of my company and the actions of the higher ups.

    • also, i meant to recommend The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I read it over break and really enjoyed it!

    • I tried one year to force myself to read 12 “good” books. Then I realized that I really only like to read trash!

      The most confusing thing about the required low ratings is that they can’t treat us like adults. I’m sure everyone knows the economy is bad, so say, “Raises will not be great because the economy is bad.”

  2. What was the name of the dress?

    Anthro’s site is so stupid that if you put the link to that page, it won’t let you go to that page, but makes you go through the main page first.

    Also, I really like that challenge of wearing everything in your closet. I might try that.. informally.

    • It’s the Soft-Structured Dress, in navy. I’ve been coveting it for like 2 months now!

  3. I had 100 books as one of 2010’s resolutions but I didn’t do it again this year (I read 130+ books last year, so it wasn’t enough of a challenge!). I read The Passage and The Happiness Project last weekend, both of which I really liked, and I’m reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which is good so far. I also recently read and loved Super Sad True Love Story. What do you like to read?

    • I still have The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake on my amazon wishlist! I think I was a little wary because some other reviews weren’t great and I didn’t want to drop the dough.

      • I finished The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake yesterday and I’m not sure I can recommend it anymore. It got WEIRD, and those reviews are legitimate. It’s okay for a library rental, but I wouldn’t pay for it.

        If you like that kind of semi-magical realism, I think The Song Reader is a better example of it. And if you like taking magical realism all the way, Of Bees and Mist is fantastic, in my opinion.

  4. I love, love, love the idea of wearing EVERYTHING in your closet. I also avoid so many things. I still like them, but avoid them. How in the world does that work??

    • I feel like I don’t want to “waste” my favorites. Like, “oh, I need to save my black pencil skirt for a meeting day so I don’t waste it just sitting at my desk!”

      I figure wearing everything will show me which clothes make me feel good, and which I just sort of hate. Plus, it will keep me from shopping for at least another month!

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