2011 Goals: Health & Fitness

I managed to maintain a semi-regular workout routine throughout 2010, but still managed to gain about 5 pounds!  While training for the Cherry Blossom 10-mile race, I took advantage of the extra calorie burning by eating more.  Once I stopped training and started working out for a more reasonable length of time (30 – 40 minutes of moderate cardio rather than an hour or more of running), I forgot to also scale back my eating habits!  I still look fine, my clothes still fit, but I definitely want to get things back in control.

2011 Goals: Health & Fitness

1. Work out 4x per week.
Not on average, but every. week.  I know there will be a few times that I don’t make it (in fact, I have already technically failed this goal since the first week of January I only made it to the gym 3x), but I’m willing to forgive a few lapses as long as it remains relatively consistent.  At least 3 of these days must be moderate-to-vigorous cardio workouts, and strength training (not yoga, but lifting weights) should be at least once per week. This feels really specific to me, but the fact is that once I get to the gym, I don’t mind putting the work in.  I might as well have a plan!

2. Keep a food journal on weekdays.
They say that just the act of keeping a food journal makes people more healthy.  I’ve been keeping one so far this year, and although it hasn’t been helping to curb my habit of eating donuts or birthday cake that people bring into work, it certainly has opened my eyes to the amount of crap I eat every day!  Hopefully this realization will propel me toward better food choices in the future!

3. Eat lunch with my coworkers one or twice per week.
This is a combination of life & health goals.  For one, it’s a good bonding experience with my coworkers and provides a little break during the day.  For another, it will help me to focus more on my food, rather than just scarfing down some soup while I read email or read charts.

4. Lose that pesky extra weight.
Chad and I went to a party on New Years Eve, and at one point, seemingly every girl there was talking about their #1 resolution: lose weight.  But none of them would actually admit to wanting to lose weight!  It was all variations on the same theme, and one by one, they proclaimed, “I don’t care about the number on the scale, I just want to be more healthy.”  So I’ll be the one who confesses that I care about the number, I care about my pants size, I care about whether or not my ass looks fat in those jeans.  In general, I look fine, I feel fine, but I still have my little vanities.

5. Cook more.
Chad is taking a crazy class schedule this semester, so I’ll probably be fending for myself, or cooking late dinners for the two of us.  Normally, I’d just have cereal or takeout, but I want to at least make a salad or something.  This one is hard to quantify, since I know there will be some nights where Golden Grahams just sound delicious!


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  1. Hi! I just want to say that the new layout of your site is really nice. Is it from a book?


    • I think so, but I only found the scans online. The Snail and the Cyclops had them posted on her blog!

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  3. Yah, I always say I care more about being healthy than the number. But in reality, I want to see the numbers 125 when I step on the scale and the number 6 on the back of my pants. But Yanno, I just want to be healthy. 😉

    • It’s like we’re not allowed to say it lest we seem vain. But I am vain!

  4. Your goals are lofty and you always manage to meet most of them! You are truly amazing and an inspiration. Best wishes to you and Chad in 2011!

    • This is definitely going to be the most challenging part for me! I never set financial goals I don’t think I can meet, and my life goals are things I want to do anyway. I’ll probably end up eating 500 calories per day for all of December just to meet this goal!

  5. These are so specific and impressive!

    I just don’t know if I could ever keep a food journal. I’d only really be interested in the results if it included very detailed nutrition information (carb/protein/fat ratio and how i’m doing on vitamins, etc.), and that is too much work to track.

    Good luck on your goals!

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