To Accomplish, January 2011

I have a hand-scribbled list of all of my 2011 Resolutions, but I’ve been too busy to type them up.  I did get a chance to write up my January goals, so hopefully this will tide everyone over until I get a chance to write my yearly goals post.  I actually might have to split them into separate posts – I have a lot of goals this year!

To Accomplish, January 2011

1. Reconcile 2010 budget.
My sisters and I usually give joint gifts for a few things, so I need to figure out what I owe and what I’m owed.  I’ll also need to enter everything into my budget and make sure all the numbers work out, and update my new worth numbers.  This should only take an hour or two, and hopefully I’ll have some updates to share!

2. Rework 2011 budget.
I’ve come to the realization that my budget format isn’t going to work anymore.  It gets too confusing with tracking Chad’s income that’s deposited to a different account, tracking spending in our joint account, and tracking my own spending.  It’s going to mean a complete overhaul of my Excel spreadsheet, but that actually sounds like a lot of fun!

3. Schedule dentist and eye doctor appointments.
You guys, I’ve been meaning to go to the dentist since August.  I’m not even doing this on purpose, I just keep forgetting.  I just don’t want to delay too much longer.

I also need to update my contact and glasses prescription.  I’ve been itching for a new pair of frames, and I’m pretty sure that these are perfection.

4. Do the College Fashion Fashion Challenge: Wear Something Magnificent Every Day for a Week.
The idea I often don’t put much time or effort into my appearance, but I always notice a difference in how I feel when I wear a cute outfit and remember to wear makeup.  It doesn’t take that much extra time, and may be the sartorial kick-start I need for 2011.

5. Start organizing the apartment.
We’ve lived here for a year and a half, and we still haven’t put up our pictures or shelves.  Until very recently, we still had unpacked boxes in our loft, and even now, we have stuff that’s crammed into closets because we don’t have our shelving set up.  No more!  I will get this place looking like a real home… probably just in time for us to move again.

6. Post 2011 goals.
It’s so hard to word things just right!  If all else fails, I’ll post the list and then add my comments in later posts.  I don’t want you guys thinking I’m trying to cheat!


2 Responses

  1. If you do not go to the dentist for cleanings and regular checkups, it could cost you a lot! I didn’t go (fear of dentist and no Money) and am now stuck with a $3000 tooth extraction and implant. If I had gone more regularly and listened to my dentist, I could have just gotten a crown ($900). SO GO to the DENTIST before it costs you a whole lot more 🙂 Preventive maintenance is important… for the car and the body!

    • I know! I already thought I learned this lesson last year when I broke a filling, but apparently not.

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