A reminder to myself

One of the most annoying things about every January is that, just as I make my New Year resolution to spend less on clothes (beginning with a ban on shopping in January), there are a ton of great sales.  As winter drags on, all of my warm, thick sweaters (uh, all 3 of them) start to pill and I’m sick of them since I wear them constantly.  I start to think that something new – a poppy red sweater, an icy blue turtleneck – is just the thing to pull me out of my frozen funk.

This year, I’ll probably still do the shopping ban, because it’s tradition and because it really feels like a way to get the year started off right.

And really, how happy is another sweater going to make me?  I don’t even look good in turtlenecks!


2 Responses

  1. Why not go through, make a list of what you need and then watch the sales for those items instead of impulse shopping? That way you get to shop but with a purpose.

    • If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t need anything (except maybe for a new pair of snow boots). The problem is I will transform wants – a belt with giraffes on it, a new dress for New Years – into needs. And I’d probably fill my list with those things.

      I have the money for these things, and I have the budget, which is why I don’t beat myself up too much. Still, the shopping ban is almost a detox. I actually have something special planned for the new year – a challenge to myself.

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