December Wrap-Up

So when I posted my goals I was sick, and now I’m sick again with either food poisoning or a stomach virus.  Not exactly my favorite way to spend the holidays!  I know it seems like I just posted these, so let’s hope that the extra visibility made me actually follow through on most of these…

1. Advocate for myself at my performance review. Done!
I actually didn’t have much work to do on this.  I went in armed with a list of everything I’d done this year, all of the projects where I’d taken a big role or done something specifically related to my performance criteria.  Turns out, this was unnecessary.  My boss loves me, and he basically spent the whole time telling me how well I’m doing.  Even though my company insisted that managers give lower ratings this year (which is the stupidest thing ever), I still got above-average rankings in almost everything.  Plus, I got some good ideas of what to work on next year.

2. Work out 4 times per week. Fail.
First I filed because of my cold, then I failed because of laziness.  Now it looks as though I’ll fail again due to a combination of both.  Oh well, that’s what New Years resolutions are for!

3. Read 5 books. Done!
I’m in the middle of book 6 or 7 now.  When I’m traveling and don’t have access to a computer, I actually am a voracious reader.  My grandparents don’t have internet, so guess what I did to entertain myself?

4. Register for USC class. Fail.
My company has a new rule where you have to consult with your manager on any course you want to take, and I never got a chance to talk to him.  I’d still like to take the class, but with budget constraints, as well as the fact that I might be taking a week-long training early in 2011 that will be paid for, including my salary, I can see it maybe not happening.

5. Reset tax withholding and 401K contributions for 2011. Done!
This took about 2 second – my favorite kind of goal!  I’m sure that I’ll need to adjust these multiple times per year (since my salary is a little variable, and Chad’s is by no means a sure thing), but if everything remains exactly the same as right now, we’re covered.

6. Post 2010 review and 2011 goals. Nope.
Not yet, but I have a nice long list of goals for next year!  I’ve looked over my 2010 goals, but they were things I accomplished way back in April or things I decided against midway through the year.  Expect a review post this week (hopefully)!


4 Responses

  1. If your job is doing tuition remission then I guess it makes sense for a manager to approve it, but still an annoying step.

    How are you adjusting your 401k?

    • We can adjust our percent contributions online. My company matches, but it’s per paycheck, so if you dip below the threshold (e.g. by contributing too much too early), you could miss out on some of the match. Also, because my company is sort of annoying, they don’t cut off contributions once you hit the maximum – they put it in post-tax.

      It makes for a very delicate balancing act throughout the year to make sure you put in enough to max it out, but not so much that you end up leaving money on the table or ending up with post-tax contributions. Since my income is slightly variable, I keep a pretty close eye on it.

      • I figured they would cut it off for us, thanks for the info! I fell a few hundred short this year because I screwed up some math somewhere along the way.

        Besides the forced “curve” on ratings, I thought it was just plain wrong to implement it so last minute, rather than truly setting expectations at the beginning/middle of the year. I really felt bad for my boss, who had to surprise some people with bad news.

        Nice work on the goals!

  2. […] Exceed expectations on my year-end performance review. Done! I covered this in my December Wrap-Up, so not much more to […]

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