To Accomplish, December 2010

I’m stuck at home with a 100 degree fever and a sore throat, which means for the first time all month, I have a chance to blog!  I’ve had these goals scribbled in the margins of my notebook for 2 weeks now, but never got a chance to write them up.

To Accomplish, December 2010

1. Advocate for myself at my performance review.
One of my 2010 goals was to get an above-average review at the end of this year, and most importantly, to exceed my own expectations of my performance. I definitely think I’ve done the latter; I sometime marvel at how the job seems to have been crafted just for me. Now it’s just time to make sure that my boss recognizes it too!

2. Work out 4 times per week.
This is how you guys know that these were legitimate goals, because I can already tell you that I’m going to fail this one. I was doing pretty well until the sickness hit, but I haven’t done any physical activity since last Friday, which means this week is a bust. On the plus side, I’ve been too sick to eat! With the holidays coming up, we’ll see if I can find the motivation to get back into it.

3. Read 5 books.
My original goal was 4, but I managed to get a lot of reading in this month so far, so I’m upping my goal to 5 books. I’ve completely failed at tracking the number of books I’ve read this year, but reading is fun, I just need to do it more often.

4. Register for USC class.
I might have an opportunity to get trained on some industry-standard software next year, so I have to make sure that my boss is OK with me taking that training and also taking this class, which will cost my company about $5,000. Still, I think that the course will help me at work, so I’m hoping he’ll agree.

5. Reset tax withholding and 401K contributions for 2011.
I always end up needing to adjust these at the end of the year, to avoid getting too big of a refund or to make sure I don’t exceed the contribution limits for my 401K. The 401K is easy, I can guess roughly how much I’ll need to put in. The taxes are always hard, and even harder now since we don’t know if Chad will have his fellowship extended, or if he’ll win another scholarship, or if he’ll get a full-time job.

6. Post 2010 review and 2011 goals.
Since some of the 2010 goals are still pending, I have to wait for this, but I want to make sure I get them in this month. No posting goals 2 weeks late next year!


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