November Wrap-Up

I can’t believe it’s December! This year seemed to fly by, so now I’m panicking because I feel really behind on my Christmas shopping and everything. I have my Performance Evaluation next week, and I have to make sure I accomplished all of the goals my manager set for me this year. Fingers crossed.

1. Figure out what to do about my healthcare plan. Done!
We were trying to decide between a traditional PPO and a high-deductible plan with an HSA. I’m not entirely sold on the plan I picked, but it was the only one Chad and I could agree on.

2. Work out 4x per week. Done!
Done! I even managed to do it the week of Thanksgiving, which is nothing short of amazing. Even if one of the workouts was pretty short.

3. Finish Outlander. Done!
It was actually pretty decent, although there were certain bits where I feel like the author was trying to illustrate the attitudes at the time, but it deeply offended the modern feminist in me!

4. Start shopping for Christmas/birthday presents. Done!
I’ve only bought a couple so far, but I guess I only said “start,” so I still get a pass.

5. Make goals and budget for 2011. Done!
I’ve started drafting these up, but I feel as though I don’t have much to strive for next year. I want to save a lot and do well at work, but other than that it’s mostly business as usual.

6. Register for a class at USC. Fail.
I’m having issues with this. The online system knows I graduated, so it won’t let me register for classes.

7. Bake cookies for my office Thanksgiving. Done!
I brought in 3 cookies. I baked my famous Rolo cookies and my great-grandmother’s butter cookies, and Chad made his M&M chocolate chips, the recipe for which he perfected during his long months of unemployment.

8. Stick to my clothing budget. Fail.
I was doing so well, but then the Gap Friends & Family sale came along, and Chad was like, “I’m going to place an order, do you want anything?” and how am I supposed to control myself?

9. Be like a real blogger again. Fail.
5 posts in November. For shame!


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