Gettin’ old

I am getting really old.

I don’t mean that I noticed a gray hair or wrinkling skin around my eyes.  I’m sure those are around somewhere, but those don’t worry me much since “you’re only as young as you feel!”

I feel old.

Worrying about 401K contributions and which healthcare plan to pick and whether or not I’m getting enough fiber is an old person thing, I think.  Sometimes I even watch the news – on purpose!

11-year-old Sarah could not understand how my parents wanted to watch the news over The Simpsons (actually, I still don’t understand that particular choice).  How could they think Nirvana wasn’t good music when it spoke directly to my soul?

I’m going to come out and say it – I don’t get Jersey Shore. These people are not interesting.  The show is not interesting, and not even in the way The Hills was infuriatingly uninteresting.

I also don’t get the deal with Justin Bieber.  I love bad music.  I have the worst taste in music out of everyone you’ll ever meet.  I find his music unlistenable.  (I still wish I could tell him how effortless his hair looks.)

Worst of all, I pounded on the floor after my neighbor was playing music at 2am Sunday night.  (Actually, I don’t even care if this makes me mentally 80.  It’s Sunday night, turn the music down!)

This is how it starts.  I didn’t realize that this blog was sending me down the path of oldness!  First I started worry about my debts, and now I’m so old that I don’t even recognize the pregnant teenagers on the fronts of tabloids!

7 Responses

  1. *cackling evilly* I’m happy y’all are getting old with me. I’m totally old too.

  2. Welcome fellow geriatric.

    I sleep at 9 p.m.
    I won’t eat too sugary or salty things.
    I don’t get Justin Bieber either, neither Jersey Shore or The Hills.
    I don’t drink either.

    I have felt this way since… I was in college. That’s why I feel so awkward sometimes because I’m not “normal” like everyone else.

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  4. I don’t get Justin Bieber either, even while I have a notorious taste in music (or so my friends say). I still love to play Aqua or the Spice Girls from time to time, but Justin Bieber? I don’t get it – his songs are too bland, too uninteresting, too predictable. His voice is bland and uninteresting too, and (I suspect) probably so much tinkered with, and smoothed out inside the studio that it just doesn’t speak to you any more. There is nothing there that makes it even remotely interesting to listen to.

  5. […] is a post inspired by Paranoid Asteroid’s post, Getting Old, and Fabulously Broke’s post about feeling awkward. I’ve touched on this topic before […]

  6. Right there with you on Justin Beiber and Jersey Shore. In fact, I’m so bad that when people started talking about going to Halloween parties dressed as Snookie, I thought, “Who the hell is this person!?” My 54 year old coworker had to tell me what the big deal with Justin Beiber is, but I think that’s more attributable to the fact that I cannot stand celebrity news.

    But yeah, when I was looking up health care options and adding myself and my husband to my company’s plan, I thought, “This is a very grown-up thing. I DON’T WANNA GROW UP!” 😉

  7. I love that I’m not alone! I’m not anti-social or unattractive or even particularly introverted. But I have nearly zero interest in many of the things my peers enjoy: being at a bar past midnight, taking shots, sleeping until noon, hooking up, reading gossip magazines, and not even feeling bad about the fact that none of them have opened a retirement account. I do feel older than I am. I’m boring. Maybe I just need new friends! 🙂

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