November Goals (with October Fail Wrap-Up)

So… I failed at October (actually, if you check my archives I pretty much fail every October!). Let’s just leave it at that. I worked a ton (24 hours of overtime, and that’s with taking a vacation day to burn off some hours!), traveled or worked all but one weekend, and generally accomplished nothing else. I didn’t even keep to my normal workout schedule, which, trust me, is nothing strenuous.

The only goal I probably did accomplish was trying one new recipe. During a long 2pm – 11pm shift, a friend and I created the ultimate sandwich: peanut butter, jelly, marshmallow fluff, and Nutella – a doubledecker on cinnamon swirl bread. Bonus: he let me keep the Nutella, which I have been eating by the spoonful.

Here’s hoping November is a little better. I only have to work one weekend, so no excuses!

To Accomplish, November 2010

1. Figure out what to do about my healthcare plan.
I’ve always gone for the cheapest plans – HMOs that cost nothing for both my & Chad’s coverage. Unfortunately, my company is getting rid of that option, and I am apparently not a grown up because I feel so lost and I don’t know what to do! Anyway, this goal is here just to make sure that I don’t do nothing!

2. Work out 4x per week.
I’m tentatively starting running again now that it’s not too hot to breathe outside. By the end of the 10-mile training in April, I was having all kinds of issues with my ankles, but those have cleared up. I’m not planning to do any more long runs, so I’m hoping that will keep me relatively healthy. Yoga shall continue! I even taught a few classes when our teacher was at a conference, which seemed kind of dangerous to me since I have no qualifications at yoga besides being kind of bendy, but the people in the class opted for my ineptitude over a DVD.

3. Finish Outlander.
A guy at work brought this book in after he insisted that my red hair was due to Scottish ancestry. I’m only about 1/10th of the way in, but it feels very rude to keep someone else’s book for an extended period. I’m worried there’s going to be sexy bits in it and I won’t be able to look him in the eye.

4. Start shopping for Christmas/birthday presents.
In addition to Christmas, my parents and my sister have their birthdays in December and January. Trust me, people with winter birthdays get really mad if you only give them one gift for 2 separate occasions!

5. Make goals and budget for 2011.
This is going to be way more fun than last year since we’re DINKs again.

6. Register for a class at USC.
The more experience I get in my field, the more I want to learn. USC is offering a course online in my particular niche, and one of my favorite grad school professors is teaching it. I’m just hoping they’ll let me take it since I’m not a grad student there anymore. By the way, I am aware that learning for fun makes me a major nerd.

7. Bake cookies for my office Thanksgiving.
My Rolo cookies were a huge hit last year, so why mess with a good thing?

8. Stick to my clothing budget.
$100. I’ve been a little bit lax with myself since I have been earning far more in overtime than I spend on indulgences, and since my winter wardrobe is still lacking. However, I’m finding that spending lots just makes me want to spend more.

9. Be like a real blogger again.
I’m hoping to average more than one post per week, and to actually start commenting again. I’ve been using Google Reader (sneaky way to get to see all blogs while I’m at work!), but that makes it really easy to read one post and move on to the next without talking to the author.


6 Responses

  1. I totally know what you mean about being a “real blogger” again. I’ve been trying the past few weeks to do the exact same thing. =)

  2. are you sure? There still should be a free HMO. Mine just switched, so that my preferred HMO isn’t free, but a different one is. this was my goal too. I guess it does vary by site.

    Good luck! So, are you allowed to tell me anything about what you do that requires so much travel/odd shifts? Interesting!

    • Both of the HMOs are pay, but there are some other free plans. I’m not too educated on the different plans since I just always got the HMO. Guess it’s time to learn!

      I operate what the LA site builds. Anymore than that and you’ll have to call a special phone. 🙂

      • 🙂 I see — sounds exciting!

  3. Love that Google Reader lets me keep up with the writing on my commute as well since I literally have zero time to read blogs during my work day, but I hate that I cannot easily comment from there as well. The irony of reading this post and wanting to leave this comment while on the train three days ago didn’t escape me. 🙂

    I’m still trying to decide what to do about Christmas and the office this year. I feel obligated to do something but I’m not sure what….

    Presents are only halfway done as well, and that’s starting to gnaw at my ankles a bit. I’d better get the ones that I’ve got wrapped up at least! Heh. Your post has turned into my goals page. 😉

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