To Accomplish, October 2010

Re: my last post, I have no solid plans to abandon my blog.  I went through a similar period of nothing to say last year, although I assumed then that it was just because wedding + new job + moving had completely sapped my will to live.  I guess there’s just a point where you’re on track to meet your goals, but what they need is just time, not any extraordinary effort on your part.  At this point, I feel like an outside observer, watching the money come in, watching it go out, and watching the remainder go to savings.  It doesn’t make for very exciting blog entries!

Today I got my paycheck.  So we went to the grocery store and then I ordered some clothes from Anthropologie.  Then I sent another $500 to savings.

Not exactly the most exciting entry.

My goals are pretty lame this month too!  Mostly trying to remember to do the things I neglected to do in September.  Let’s see if I even manage to accomplish one!

To Accomplish, October 2010

1. Work out 4x per week.
I was thinking about dropping this down to 3x per week, but I think I should focus on doing normal-length workouts 4x per week.  Otherwise I try to justify eating tons of junk food because, “I just worked out for an hour!”

2. Finish leftovers from September.

  • Go to the dentist.
  • Open the Ally CD.
  • Call the Lancaster tax board.

3. Finish 1 book.
I’m working some crazy shifts through this weekend (3pm – 11pm) and next week.  I requested the weird shift, so no complaints, but I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time for reading.  Obviously more is good, so I won’t limit myself to just one book if I somehow find the time. Some of these look interesting!

4. Eat healthier.
This goal is so vague as to be nearly meaningless, but it goes along with #1.  I’m trying to find that balance between not feeling deprived but still not having multiple desserts per day (at least not every day).  In this case, the weird shift will probably help.  I do most of my junk food consumption at night, but I’m so beat when I get home at 11:30pm that I just collapse into bed.

6. Try one new recipe.
Sure, why not!  I never know whether or not I can count when I make a new salad recipe.  I mean, it’s greens + accoutrements + dressing, so I never understand how there can be a new salad recipe, you know?  I always feel like I have to try something really adventurous in order for it to count.  I guess if it gets down to the wire, I can fake it with a salad or sandwich recipe!

7. Check up on 2010 goals, and start thinking about 2011 goals.
Holy crap, it’s October!  How did this happen??  I guess now is as good a time as any to start planning for next year.  Everything gets so busy in November & December with the holidays; if I start planning now, I won’t be putting out my goals in the middle of January.


2 Responses

  1. Well not everything we write is fabulous. I know I go through periods of: WTF am I posting?

    Even so, I prefer your blog because it isn’t all money talk, it’s your life and thoughts too, which is the reason why it’s interesting.

  2. Can you delegate some of the things? Not the book reading, but maybe the Tax Board?

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