To Accomplish: September 2010

Did anyone notice that I have been consistently misspelling “accomplish” as “acoomplish” in my goals posts?  Usually I catch it in the post during proofreading, but when I’m hastily filling in the title (THE TITLE! THE FIRST THING EVERYONE SEES!), “acoomplish” it is.

I’ve been catching the mistake about a day later and it fills me with shame.  I used to be so good with grammar, you guys.  What happened to me?

To Accomplish, September 2010

1. Work out 4x per week.
This is the only thing saving me from my own horrendous eating habits.  I had cookies for breakfast this morning.  In all fairness to me, they were oatmeal cookies, which is almost like just having a bowl of oatmeal, right?? They were delicious, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be an adult now.

2. Go to the dentist.
Hate the dentist. Wah.

3. Finish 3 books.
This might be cheating a little bit because I already finished one.  Is it wrong that my natural inclination is to reach for crappy fiction bestsellers because I know I can plow through them in a day or so? (Is it wrong that I still can’t manage to read 3 books most months?)

4. Open a CD at Ally.
We should know about Chad’s situation in the next week or so (I know I’m being awfully cryptic here, but I’m trying not to jinx it!), and then we can make a decision on this!

5. Take outfit photos again.
I want to bring back Fashion Friday. The problem is that I hate how every photo of me turns out.  I just don’t photograph well.  It’s very sad because I have lots of cute clothes and I am so excited for fall!

6. Try one new recipe.
First, we need to go food shopping because all we have in the house is pasta and lettuce and asparagus.  And lots of Diet Coke.

7. Resolve issue with the tax board of Lancaster County.
I haven’t lived in Lancaster since high school (which was 9 years ago because I am an old lady), but for some reason they think I owe them 5 years of back taxes… from when I was living in California.  Naturally, they sent me a letter about this right around the time when I was moving and getting married and on my honeymoon.  I just found that letter three weeks ago, and a response was required by October 2009.  So, I should take care of this soon.


One Response

  1. Well, if it helps, I hadn’t noticed any typos…and it’s kind of my job to do so!

    Good luck with your goals!

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