August Wrap-Up

 This was an interesting month.  I got 24 hours of overtime in one week, started Christmas shopping, had an exciting development for Chad, actually read some books, bought some new clothes, went to a pool party, and did really badly at accomplishing my goals!

1. Work out 4x per week. Kinda?
This goal fell apart when I worked an 80-hour week and only exercised once.  I’m inclined to give myself a pass on that, though, since it would have taken far more dedication to health than I currently have in order to get around those 12-hour days.  Sometimes, sleep just wins.

2. Go to the dentist. Fail.
I don’t want to. Accountability to the universe (via the internet) is necessary to shame me into going. Apparently, I don’t care what the universe thinks about my dental hygeine.  I’ll repeat this one for September.

3. Finish 3 books. Win!
I read:
I Capture the Castle for MPP‘s book club (review pending),
The Angel’s Game which is the second book by the author who wrote one of my favorite books ever, The Shadow of the Wind, and
Hungry by Crystal Renn, the famous plus-sized model.

4. Make Chad finish applying to grad school, and register for some fall classes! Win!
This will probably get a post of its own.  Chad did apply for grad school – for the Fall 2010 semester, which begins this week!  I’ll explain later. 

5. Open a CD at Ally. Fail.
Mostly this is because of laziness, but we’re still tossing back and forth numbers on how much to contribute.  Unfortunately, interest rates keep ticking down while we hem and haw, so this will be Goal #1 for September!

6. Clean out my closet. Kinda?
I bought some new clothes and reorganized and assessed my closet, but nothing that took a ton of effort or really gave me a clear idea of what to do next.  I realized that a.) I really have a ton of clothes, b.) I actually wear about 90% of them on a semi-regular basis, c.) I secretly hate some of my clothes but wear them anyway, and d.) some of my clothes are old and look it.  So now I just need to know what to do with that.

7. Try one new recipe. Fail.
With Chad taking classes and possibly being gone more often even than that, I think I’ll get to retry this goal in September!


2 Responses

  1. I love “Shadow of the Wind” and read “The Angel’s Game”, too. How did you like the 2nd book (assuming you’re not going a review later)?

    • I liked the book a lot – it completely sucks you in! The ending was not as great as tSoTW and sometimes you want to throttle the main character for not realizing he’s making a deal with the devil. The gothic imagery and vivid characters are the same as tSoTW (and some of the characters ARE the same). If you liked tSoTW, you’ll definitely like this one!

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