I ended up missing most of the family visit last weekend because I got called into work at around noon on Saturday.  The past week has been a haze of 12-hour days and late nights (including one 17-hour day where I got into work around 9:30am and left at 6am the next day, with only a brief dinner break at home with Chad).  I went to the gym once and pretty much ate nothing that wasn’t caffeinated, deep fried, or had refined sugar as one of the principal ingredients.

On the other side of a weekend of not working, I can say that it probably wasn’t that bad.  I’ll enjoy the overtime money, and as long as next week’s hours are semi-normal (I need to go in at midnight tonight!), I like my job enough that the occasional week from hell isn’t too bad.

To all of the people who cut back on hours (think The 4-Hour Workweek), I’m sure my 80-hour week is an anathema.  However, I’ve found that I sort of thrive on the stress.  Although the lack of sleep made me grumpy, I was excited to get back into work and try to solve the technical problems facing us.  Normally, work can be a little slow – my boss compares us to the firefighters who sit around and play cards, extraneous until the alarm goes off.  Weekend call-ins are when things get interesting!

Most people are appalled by studies that claim people would work every day of the year for double the salary, and while I probably wouldn’t go that far, I definitely don’t mind taking on an occasional weekend shift or week of graveyard shifts for the extra money involved.  Would my willingness be lessened if Chad was working?  Probably not. After all, I signed up for crazy hours when I took the job.

What about you? Would you be willing to work crazy hours for a little extra cash, or is your free time way too important?


4 Responses

  1. Long term, no way. I’m just not an 80 hr a week type of person. But in the short term, occasionally, definitely. I also thrive under pressure/stress, as long as it ultimately ends!

  2. Occasionally, extra hours (with pay, which I don’t get) would be ok. I wouldn’t work every day of the year. I don’t think I could do it for one year.

  3. Every day of the year! Eff no.

    I just worked 12 days straight (8 hour days, no extra time) and was EXHAUSTED by the end of it. Sadly, my body just can’t handle it, I don’t think. It thrives on routine and healthy living – which I’m not all that good at, but am striving for.

    I will happily work overtime and extra days as needed, but within reason. Health and sanity are important, too!

    I wouldn’t work the early shift – 6am start – as a regular thing. Nor the night shift (5pm). Maybe to cover for someone, but those are just too antisocial.

  4. […] in overtime (I worked the equivalent of 21 extra days.  It’s like if there was a 13th month (I’m […]

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