To Accomplish, August 2010

You guys, it’s August!  There is NFL Football this weekend (preseason, but still)!  I’ve already starting craving fall clothes – boots and leather jackets and warm sweaters – even as the temperature hovers in the mid-90s.  I’ve always loved fall, so I’m getting way too excited, especially considering how warm it stays in Virginia.  I remember temperatures in the 80s last September!

My goals this month are pretty lame.  When it’s this hot outside, I just can’t get motivated to do anything but lay on the couch, eating one popsicle after another just to stay  cool.

To Accomplish, August 2010

1. Work out 4x per week.
This goal, for some reason, is much harder to accomplish than when I said I’d work out 3x per week. It’s so hard to fit in that extra day! I’ve decided yoga will count – if it’s P90X yoga, which is probably one of the hardest DVDs workouts I’ve ever done. It starts with about 45 minutes of non-stop sun salutation series, and by the end I’m dripping sweat. It’s awesome.

2. Go to the dentist.
I don’t want to. Accountability to the universe (via the internet) is necessary to shame me into going.

3. Finish 3 books.
I’m about halfway through I Capture the Castle, so I want to finish that and read two more books.  I’m visiting my mom this weekend, so I think I might just steal some of hers!

4. Make Chad finish applying to grad school, and register for some fall classes!
We are lucky – engineering grad school is one of the few grad degrees that is worth the investment. We’re trying to see if he can get into some IRL classes, but if that doesn’t work, he’ll probably take some classe online.

5. Open a CD at Ally.
We’re still trying to hammer out some details about how much we’d like to lock up in a CD. If Chad starts school, we’ll probably need to be a little more liquid, but they have some decent rates (or, slightly-better-than-1%-stupid-ING rates). Since we’re not going to be tapping into our down payment savings, might as well get the most for our money.

6. Clean out my closet.
Some of my clothes are looking a little worn. One of my favorite work shirts has started pilling (probably because I wear it so much!), and I think there are a couple of other items that are starting to show their age. It might be time to replace them, but I don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of new oxfords just to find one shoved on a shelf somewhere.

7. Try one new recipe.
I’m starting with trying one because I always feel like I have to make something awesome when I cook. I guess it’s because I cook so rarely that it feels like cheating if I try a new salad recipe or something.


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  1. I went to the dentist. (Post coming up). Don’t know what I’m gonna do about the work they say we need done, though.

    I wish it was hot! It’s a beautiful day here but SO freezing. Our washing line is in the shade, so nothing is drying. I’m in bed typing with my hood up. I just turned off the heather cause it was making my laptop hot, and I don’t want it to explode. Summer, please hurry up!

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