July Finances = Decimated

I’m not looking forward to reconciling expenses for July.  We took a vacation to the beach for 4 days, and though it was pretty inexpensive, all things considered, it’s still a huge chunk of money!

$387 for the hotel
$100 for miscellaneous fun spending on the boardwalk
$85 for golf_______________________________
$572 total

Plus, we bought some tickets for Penn State football games this fall (my cousin gets season tickets and sells them to us for face value) for $220, and paid for some of my sister’s since she wasn’t there ($440, to be reimbursed in August, hopefully).  Ugh, and there’s still one more game we need tickets for!

Chad and I also had a failure of communication this month and managed to pay part of our credit card bill twice.  It’s not a ton of money, but still. Very sloppy.

Realistically, I know we planned for this vacation, I know we’d have bought the football tickets anyway, and the extra $50 we paid toward the credit card will be taken up by normal spending by the end of the week, but everything crammed togethr into one weekend is still a little much for me to handle!

How is your July going?

4 Responses

  1. But no spending on clothes?

    • No spending on clothes! August is already dead though.

  2. Planned or not, bunching up expenses like that gives me a touch of heartburn. But my last month was sort of similar. The 5 days in San Diego and various other purchases added up to a pretty massive bill. I even paid it down early just to get the pain over with in the same month. 😛

    • I hate it even more when it’s a big expense that I know is coming – I still can’t manage to plan for it! The tickets were a surprise, but so worth it.

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