To Accomplish, July 2010

It’s so hard to feel motivated during the summer!  All I want to do is eat popsicles and lay by the pool.

To Accomplish, July 2010

1. Review & revise 2010 goals.
I’m hoping we’ll find out if Chad got the job or not somewhere around midmonth.  If yes, I think our goals might change a little bit or a lot (depending on his start date, salary, etc.). 

2. Work out 4x per week.
I managed to do this most of last month, so I think I can keep it up!  I’m hoping the weather holds out – it has been in the mid-70s a few days this week, and it’s just so pleasant outside! I went trail running around a pond near our apartment, and it was awesome since I didn’t feel like I was drowning just by breathing the high-humidity air.  Anything goes, but I can only count 1 yoga class per week.

3. Read 2 books.
I finished one of my library books last night and got partway into the second one, which I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.  Not counting those 2, I want to read 2 books this month.  Is anyone else out there doing My Pretty Pennies’ book club?

4. No shopping!
After my epic fail last month (bought a sweater off eBay, and got sucked in by the giraffe belt), I’m joining with Me In Millions to ban shopping for July. I really do have enough clothes to last me through the rest of summer. This also means I can’t buy a bathing suit for my trip to the beach at the end of the month, but that’s what you get for violating shopping bans, Sarah.  Anyone want to join us?

5. Debate opening a new CD.
If Chad gets a job offer, I’m going to seriously consider opening a longer term CD with the cash we have right now.  This will take a few extra calculations, because we’re thinking of trying to buy a house next summer.  Obviously the penalties to break CDs might be higher than the extra interest we’d be getting.  Ideally, we could stick everything into the CD and save up enough for a downpayment, but we’re not exactly in a low cost of living area.

See, nothing too awful! What are your big goals for the summer?


4 Responses

  1. I’m counting on you to keep me from spending on clothes! And it’s going to be tough because I’m going to the beach this weekend… which means all of the outlets are right there.

    Do you think a CD is the way to go? I imagine interest rates are kind of shitty. Maybe try some bonds?

    • Oh man, and of course LOFT just emailed me to let me know that all sale items are 50% off this weekend. Argh!

      Ally Bank has 5 year CDs at 2.95% APY. Which I might reject since I have no interest in a 5-year CD, but the cancellation penalty is only 2 months of interest! Even if I only leave it in there for a year, I’d still earn about $1000 more!

  2. De-lurking to say ‘Hi, I’ve just finished reading through your past posts and I love your blog!’.

    I’m also do My Pretty Pennies Summer Bookclub (although it’s the Winter bookclub for me) – I just finished ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’.

    Good luck with your July goals!

  3. Don’t buy any thing!
    Cycle to work 4 days a week
    Train twice a week
    Cut food spending to $50/week
    No spending on Alcohol (I’ve started making my own beer)

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