June Wrap-Up

This month seemed to fly by!  That must be why I failed so hard at everything!

1. No buying new clothes. Fail.
Bought a sweater off eBay. Didn’t even buy my giraffe belt. Boo.

2. Work out 3x per week. Done!
I actually averaged about 4 times per week, which for me is awesome. The trick is that I have to make myself go right after work. If I go home, I will accidentally surf the internet until bedtime.

3. Review & revise my 2010 goals. Fail.
Chad has an interesting lead on a job, though, so that’s really why I’m waiting. No point updating goals if they’d be out of date in a month, right? Setting this goal again for July, and hopefully we’ll know enough by then.

4. Read 3 books. Fail fail fail.
I didn’t even finish one! I’m about 80% of the way through The Bonfire of the Vanities (so good.), but have only read about 10 pages in the book on the American/USSR Space Race. They’re due back to the library on Friday, so I think I’d better start reading.

5. Readjust 401K withholdings. Done!
I wound up getting a lot of extra overtime the last pay period, so I actually increased it and re-decreased it. I’ll have to decrease my contributions again in September, but that’s a lot more fun than having to increase it, right?  I think I’ll spend that extra $25/paycheck on a popsicle or something.

6. Figure out what to do with my CD. Done.
For now, it’s in my ING savings account. I want to find another CD, but the rates are so crappy right now! Anything under 5 years is 1% or below, and I’m getting more than that in my savings account.

7. Remember Father’s Day on June 20th. Done!
Dads are important!


2 Responses

  1. Not buying clothes generally = fail for me. Want to do a no spending on clothes July?

    • I think it’s because being anonymously accountable isn’t enough of a deterrent when I’m staring down a pair of aqua peep-toes.

      I’m in for the shopping ban for July!

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