To Accomplish, June 2010

I’m so glad it’s finally summer!

To Accomplish, June 2010

1. No buying new clothes.
Accessories are allowed this month, but I want to start saving up for some fall clothes I know I’m going to need: boots and a new winter coat.  Hopefully I’ll have the willpower to not buy any shoes or belts, but this Anthropologie belt has giraffes on it, so who knows if it would even be possible.

2. Work out 3x per week.
I made it last month!  Only can count one yoga class per week toward the tally.

3. Review & revise my 2010 goals.
I’m probably going to exceed some of them, so I think I need to adjust some of the numbers.  Have been lucky so far this year, hopefully it continues!

4. Read 3 books.
I’ve been doing a crappy job of keeping up with the number of pages, but I’m not too worried about it.

5. Readjust 401K withholdings.
I have to decrease my contribution so I don’t exceed the contribution limit for the year. This should give me a nice monthly cash boost of about $40.

6. Figure out what to do with my CD.
I accidentally let it roll over into a new CD 6 months ago, and the interest rate is 0.35%.  If I can’t find anything better, I’m just going to stick it in my ING savings because Bank of America isn’t even pretending to offer decent rates anymore.

7. Remember Father’s Day on June 20th.
My grandfather still talks about the time we got him Omaha steaks.  I think that’s worth $50!


One Response

  1. That belt is seriously cute. Giraffes! How could you resist? (Or I, for that matter).

    I think I need to use up one of my three precious items to buy a new pair of work pants. I’ve lost too much weight to keep wearing Old Man Trousers.

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