May Wrap-Up

1. Finish all 3 of the books I checked out. Done!
You know what?  I really didn’t like Your Money or Your Life.  I know it’s the favorite PF book for many of the big name bloggers, but it was just “meh” for me.  Also a little preachy.  I think the problem is that YMYL is mostly a book that inspires change (most of the bloggers described it as the book that gave them their “lightbulb” moment), but I’ve already been doing that stuff for years.

Born To Buy was OK, but I don’t like books that focus more on being scary than giving practical advice.  I felt a little panicky when reading this book, and sort of mentally vowed that I was going to move my kids to the country and never let them near a TV.  In reality, I think that yes, there is probably too much advertising to kids (I hate the idea of it in schools), but given how pervasive advertising is for adults, it might be better just to teach kids about how advertising works.

The Millionaire Next Door was superb, as I’d remembered.

2. No buying any new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Done!
I almost didn’t even feel the pinch!  I think I might do this again next month, because I still haven’t gotten around to wearing some of the clothes I got during my birthday shopping spree (the shorter skirts & dresses that I can’t wear to work).

3. Work out 3x per week. Done!
We started doing the 30-day shred again, so that has been an easy way to cram a workout in.  Next month, I think I’m going to aim to get my workouts done early in the week.  I feel like there were a couple of weeks in May where I realized on Thursday that I hadn’t done anything yet!

4. Try 2 new recipes this month. Done!
The recipes were really similar (in fact, I used the same pan sauce), but I’m going to give myself full credit.

5. Buy my mom & grandmother gifts. Done!

6. Explore online class offering to improve work knowledge. Done!
Nothing is being offered for the summer at any of the schools I checked out.  I might check again in the fall, but the urge has sort of left me.  I go back and forth on this, usually when work gets slow.  I briefly considered an MBA or something, but I really just think I’d go into management if it turns out I’m not smart enough to go as far as I want on a technical career path.  So we’ll see.


2 Responses

  1. Yay for being superproductive! And I heart the Millionaire Next Door.

  2. You probably didn’t like your money or your life because you’ve been reading all the ideas in the blogonet for years. When those ideas first came out they we’re revolutionary. Kinda like how Jane Austen reads like a s%Aty rom com now but at the time brilliance.

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