So, my computer was doing this weird thing where it wouldn’t charge. It would be plugged in, but the battery would drain.

It was almost $300 to send it in for repair. They said it was a logic board (Apple’s term for the motherboard) issue, and sent it back with either repaired or replaced innards.  Now the video card isn’t working! I get a good 3 minutes of usage, and then columns of horizontal bars appear on the screen and the computer locks up.

I am just a little confused about how Apple could return my computer in a less functional state than when I sent it to them. For $300. And I knew the internet would appreciate my Rich White Girl Problems.

Just so this is somewhat finance related: I declined to get the AppleCare extended warranty because it was $250 and since everyone says that Apple’s are really reliable and don’t break ever. This of course means that I am a moron and should have done it, since my computer would still have another year and a half of coverage and I am pretty sure something else on this POS will go wrong, jsut after the warranty for the repairs expires. Thus, extended warranties = not always a ripoff.



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  1. I’m sorry about all this! You are making me really glad that I bought the Apple Care package recently when I got my new MacBook.

  2. I knew a girl in college who had a problem with the screen on her MacBook less than 6 months after purchase, and I don’t remember all the details, but its not like she dropped it or spilled anything on it. Long story short, Apple charged her over $1000 to fix the problem.
    It’s just incredible to me. From a hardware standpoint (RAM, processor speed, etc.) Apple overcharges for their brand and then doesn’t stand behind it as well as Dell or HP would.
    As far as the operating system vs windows, maybe that’s a different story…

  3. Take it to an Apple store and talk to someone in person; I’ve found them to be pretty helpful.

    I had the logic board replaced in my MBPro, and the repair tech apparently routed the video cable incorrectly when putting it back together. They ended up having to replace the entire display to fix it.

  4. It’s a toss up. My BF and I bought Macbook Pros at the same time. He’s had to use his Apple Care 3 times for different issues, while I’ve been pretty lucky with mine (knock on wood). Prior to the laptops, I’ve had a powerbook and a iMac and never had an issue. I’m glad that I paid extra for it, for the peace of mind.

    I wouldn’t go so far to say that Apples never break. I think they’re talking more about the security of the Mac OS over Windows.

  5. Yes, I thought Macs never broke or got viruses?


    I wanted to get an extended warranty for my crappy Toshiba, but my mother (who paid for half of it) nixed the idea.

  6. This is why you shouldn’t buy expensive brand name computers. I’m still using an old dell I bought on ebay its working fine. If it craps itself no worry I’ll just throw it out.

    • I couldn’t help it – I am like a magpie with those shiny white cases!

      • I have 2 ipods and an iphone… I understand the shiny.

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