Wasting time

I mentioned last week that my computer is broken.  It’s currently with Apple, being fixed, which means I have no computer at home.  We have a netbook, but it’s Chad’s primary computer, and using it is kind of awful since the screen is so small.  Thus, I haven’t been getting on the web as much as usual.  And you know what?

The internet makes me want to spend money.  Also, it makes me waste time.

Without the internet as a constant source of entertainment, I didn’t visit anthropologie.com just because I was feeling bored.  I didn’t read some of the blogs that focus more on shopping than on anything else.  I still looked at my favorite blogs (the ones whose websites I have memorized). I still read my email, chock full of tempting sale ads from my favorite stores.  Surfing over to LOFT’s website was too much effort, so I didn’t.

I also noticed that I had a lot more time.  Sometimes, I’ll get caught up reading and shopping and Facebooking and 2 hours will pass.  Without the internet, I managed to cook dinner and bake some cookies – and do the dishes.  Usually I plan to do these things & get distracted before I start.

I don’t think this is going to lead to any groundbreaking life changes.  I still need to get online for work-related stuff, I still need to check email, and it’s still a pretty cheap form of entertainment.  The problem is that I just can’t seem to get off the damn thing!

Do you find that the ease of online shopping increases the temptation to spend?  Or is your internet addiction less extreme than mine?


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  1. Yes — but really, if i can stay away from sale sections, I can resist, because my current favorite stores are still too expensive full price.

    I’m fairly good at prioritizing life over time wasting online. But if I don’t feel like doing “life” stuff, the internet is a good distraction

  2. Online shopping isn’t usually a huge problem for me. I’m somewhat turned off by online shopping because I’m never exactly sure what quality fabric I’m getting, if it’s going to fit well, and I’m too lazy to do returns. As long as I don’t get the emails telling me a store is having a huge sale I’m fine!

  3. This is going to sound bad, but I don’t really waste any time on the Internet at home–just at work when things are slow. 🙂 And yes, the Internet DEFINITELY tempts me to buy things (makeup, clothes, etc.) that I would rarely buy (or only buy when really needed) in stores. Also, LOL–I was just looking at the anthropologie website earlier this morning!

  4. I hate online shopping. I’d rather go to the store to find out that something isn’t going to fit me than pay for the shipping. And I totally agree about being so much more productive without a computer. A friend borrowed mine for a few days and I cleaned, got rid of clothes and did a million other little things that I had been meaning to do forever.

  5. I’m the same way. With a computer screen that small, I use it for half an hour and that’s about it

    With a 13″ screen or 15″ screen, I could use it for many more time sucking hours the way I do with my Macbook & PC.

    I have SO MUCH TIME when I am not on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, setting up blogs, taking pictures, editting them, formatting them, making notes, writing…

    🙂 I cook, I clean. bla bla bla

  6. Online shopping is definitely tempting, especially at stores where I know what my size is (I’m looking at you, Banana Republic, Gap, and J.Crew). It doesn’t help that my credit card information is already stored on my account for those stores.

  7. The only time I buy clothing online is through TradeMe – and it’s got to be ridiculously cheap, or I have to be confident it will fit me (ie, a brand I know my sizing in). Even then I’m wary. Especially after I bought a gorgeous brown leather jacket (less than $50) and it was far far too big. And shipping costs here are insane!

    I definitely waste heaps of time online. Career type advice and blogs, PF and personal blogs, stuff like Jezebel and Salon etc. Not to mention that all of my work is done online and requires me to surf various websites as well…..

  8. Sometimes I wonder the same thing…

    I don’t even own a TV yet I probably watch more than the average joe.

    With sites like hulu & yidio, its better than DVR!

    • We considered doing that, but then college football season came and we realized that we’d have no way to watch the games!

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