To Accomplish, May 2010

My computer broke!  It’s not charging the battery, and the battery drains extremely quickly if I leave it plugged in – even when it’s off.  It’s a MacBook, and it’s less than 2 years old.   It’s going to cost $300 to fix the problem.  I’m working this weekend to make up some of the money.

Actually, I’ve been enjoying the time without the computer.  I can still get on at work and on the netbook at home, so no essential tasks are going unfinished, but neither one is right for long surfing sessions.  Chad and I finally got library cards, so I checked out some personal finance related books to pass the time this weekend.

To Accomplish, May 2010

1. Finish all 3 of the books I checked out.
I got The Millionaire Next Door, Born To Buy, and Your Money or Your Life. I’ve heard great things about all 3 of these books, so I thought they’d be a good way to restart my reading.  I read TMND a long time ago (and actually tried to borrow my dad’s copy recently, but he couldn’t find it), but I remember it being really good.  I started YMYL, but the first chapter was all about how much working sucks; I adore my current job, so I couldn’t really relate.  Born To Buy is interesting so far, but it’s a little shrill.  It makes me want to pack my children-that-don’t-exist-yet up and make them live on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

2. No buying any new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.
I had actually planned on not spending any personal money this month, but decided to get my hair cut.  I tend to get my hair cut very infrequently.  I cut it short in the summer since long hair always feels like a scarf wrapped around my neck, and usually let it grow throught the fall and winter, with maybe a trim or two.

3. Work out 3x per week.
I’m trying to decide if I’m going to include yoga in this goal.  I think I’ll let myself count 1 class per week, but that’s not so strict since I usually only make it to one.

4. Try 2 new recipes this month.
I’m trying to be more of a grownup, but sometimes, I just want a hot dog for dinner.  Anyway, I dug out some old cookbooks and picked out some recipes that didn’t seem too challenging or time consuming.

5. Buy my mom & grandmother gifts.
Because Mother’s Day is there for a reason.

6. Explore online class offering to improve work knowledge.
I took most of my grad school classes in a very narrow part of my industry.  It’s the part I ended up working in, but there is one part where I haven’t had enough education.  My hope is that one of the schools offering online programs will have a course in this subject matter in the fall.  I’m sort of idly considering another grad degree, but I’m not sure I want to commit myself to another 2+ years of stress.


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