Taking some info off the web

In response to some interwebs/IRL mixing, I’ve removed some of my net worth specifics from this blog.  The issue is entirely my fault – I recycled my Twitter handle from a screen name I’d used for a long abandoned Webshots account.  When I got an email saying I had 50 views on said account, I realized that I was no longer as anonymous as I thought.

If I have to chose between having my face – and full name – out there or having my net worth numbers out there, I guess I feel safer sharing my face.

My hope is to still share some of this information, but not have it really there for the taking.  I’ll try to put up quarterly net worth updates, and if you’re interested, just email or comment.

May goals should be up tomorrow!


One Response

  1. I feel the same – I’d much rather share more of my face than my numbers. Well, I still wouldn’t mind sharing my regular budgeting/saving updates and goals, but no way would I want to have a net worth sidebar in that case.

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