April Wrap-Up

This was a weird month for me.  I let myself go shopping, and it felt kind of weird and alien, and the amount of money I spent is sort of embarassing.  I’m not going to beat myself up – after, I came in under budget (especially considering the $1000 I made in overtime – and that’s after taxes!) and still managed to put a ton into savings.  Still, I think I’ll be reinstating the ban for May.

1. File taxes. Done!
We’ve even received our refund already, which was quite a bit higher than I originally expected. Turns out, Chad is an overwithholder like me, and since he only worked half of the year, he was way over.  It was a nice surprise!

2. File expense report for LA trip. Done!

3. Make Chad apply to grad school. Fail.
Chad isn’t the kind of person who thrives under pressure, so my insistence that he get the application finished in less than a month pretty much just stressed him out. I still think he should apply sooner rather than later, but the schools to which he’s applying will allow him to take classes before he’s officially accepted.

4. Read 2 of the Jane Austen books in my anthology. Fail.
I didn’t read anything this month. I’d like to blame my horrible work schedule, but I managed to find plenty of time for reading and Sudoku.

5. Run the 10-mile race! Done!

6. Run 12 miles per week, even after the race is finished. Fail.
I managed to make it to the gym a few times, but I only ran twice. I think my goal in future months will be less running-centric. Sometimes, I just feel like hopping on an exercise bike.


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