End of the Shopping Ban!

So, I went on a pretty big shopping spree in April, partly because it’s my birthday month, and partly because I knew I’d be working a lot of overtime. I can’t decide if I prefer allowing myself to shop every month, or if I like forcing myself to wait. I do feel like I need to detox a little bit now though, so I think I might reinstate the ban for May.

So if I was shopping so much, how did I do against the wishlist I posted in February?

Shopping Plan: Spring/Summer 2010

1. I do not need any new work pants.
I only bought one pair of skinny khakis, which I could probably wear to work. Mostly, I just want to be able to recreate this outfit:

2. I don’t need any skirts. I don’t wear most of the skirts I own.
This is a big fat fail. I bought 3 skirts. I have been making an effort to wear more of the skirts I have, though, and I do think I’ll get a little more use out of these.

3. I need some new work shirts. Preferably ones with whimsical prints and details.
Have only bought 1 or 2 work-appropriate shirts.  Chad is planning to take me to Anthropologie for my birthday present once my schedule insanity dies down. I can wait until then!

4. Casual dresses.
I bought 4, 2 of which are a little dressier for work, and 2 casual dresses.  My parents bought me one for my birthday that could go either way.  I’ve also been eying this one from LOFT.

5. Shorts.
I bought one pair of shorts, but I think that the skirt were supposed to be a stand-in for the shorts.

Although I went a little crazy, I do think I’m pretty well stocked for summer.  If I get any more shopping urges, I think my next step should be sandals.  Even though these sandals from Old Navy are just glorified flip flops, I got multiple compliments when I wore them!


5 Responses

  1. Are those sandals sturdy? I like them but I destroy shoes that aren’t well-constructed because I do too much running around in them.

    • They’re holding up OK so far, but I think they’re mostly just glorified flip flops.

    • Wow, just realized I just repeated what my post said. If you’re rough on shoes, these will probably fall apart after a couple months. I switched between multiple pairs of shoes all the time, so that helps mine last longer.

  2. CUTE! Where are the skirts from? you make me want to shop

    • All of the skirts are from Ann Taylor LOFT. Actually, about 70% of what I bought this month came from there!

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