Time vs. Money

Sorry for the lack of posting recently!

I was loaned out to another group at work for a few weeks, doing work on some 24/7 operations.  I was staffed on a 2pm-10pm shift, which is awesome since that closely matches my normal sleeping cycle.  I was looking forward to sleeping in and getting to help out with a different phase of our operations.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy.

Shortly after I’d switched shifts, the excrement hit the proverbial fan at my real job.  Some of my coworkers who had been loaned out to the same group were immediately called back.  The manager of the other group insisted that some of us stay behind to support the activities that were already taking place, and I was one of the people chosen to stay.  Oh, and I’d get to work the 10pm-6am shift that pays more, but is absolutely brutal.  My boss reluctantly agreed, but encouraged me to keep track of all of the work we were doing to respond to the emergency at my real job.

So this is where the real question of time vs. money comes into play.  Do I stick with working just the one job, and only keep up with the PowerPoint charts the other team is making so I can talk intelligently about it?  Or do I try to get involved in the emergency response work, to keep up visibility and impress my boss with my dedication to the team?

So far I’m choosing the latter, which means I’ve logged 24 hours of overtime in 3 days.  The money is nice, but things are starting to unravel in other areas: I ate chocolate cake for lunch yesterday, eat candy all night to stay awake, am so constantly hopped up on caffeine that I can’t sleep once I get off work at 6am, and my apartment is a mess.

I guess the thing that makes this all worth it is that the work itself is really interesting, and I’m actually sort of excited to wake up and charge in to help.  I’m not offering myself for tasks that are too taxing or time-intensive, but for the grunt work that no one else really wants to do.  (You would be amazed at how much people love it when you’ll type up meeting minutes and timelines for them.  Bonus: your name is on all of the emails when you send it out.)

Supposedly things will slow down by the end of the week.  I’m just hoping I get my sweet 2pm-10pm shift back.

4 Responses

  1. No pain, no gain. Nice to know there are other bloggers out there who sometimes have to work odd shifts! I think you did the right thing choosing visibility and going for more responsibility, even if your housekeeping suffers for a little while.

  2. I think I lean more towards time (long term) but in the short term, pushes like this are worth the money and respect you will gain.

    Best of luck!

  3. Oh sweet bippy, that’s brutal. But since it’s an emergency situation, you definitely stand to gain reputation points as a reliable someone who can get things done in the long-term.

    Can Chad make sure you’re getting real food on occasion? 🙂

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