Still the worst PF blogger ever!

So, procrastination is bad, mmkay?

Because I’d waited so long to try to file, I didn’t realize that my W-2’s were so thoroughly hosed that TurboTax wouldn’t even let me submit them because they were so screwy (I mean, the numbers in general were all OK, just the way they had it on the W-2’s was a little wonky and TurboTax couldn’t really handle it). I called Payroll, and they confirmed that they had made a mistake with my transfer dates & residence dates and state tax withholdings.

They’re issuing a corrected W-2, hopefully by early next week.

The thing is, I know the correct numbers – I earned part of my salary in CA, part in VA, and I know how much I paid in taxes to each state. So technically, I can e-file with the numbers I know to be correct. I’m thinking I’ll get it all set up with the correct numbers, and then once the corrected W-2’s come in, I’ll be good to submit.

Now they just need to get here before Wednesday!


2 Responses

  1. Man, when you grab a title, you really grab hold tight! 😉 Here’s hoping the paperwork arrives before Wednesday.

    • Just giving the people what they want – I notice my stats spike whenever I have a really self-deprecating title!

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