I’ve got to stop reading DOOM blogs

You know the blogs I mean – the ones where every event, big or small, is an indication that DOOM lurks just around the corner.

The housing bust? DOOM.
The market nosedive AND its turnaround? DOOM.
Gas prices rising? DOOM.
The European Union’s current issues? DOOM.
The US deficit? DOOM.

And I tend to be a very gullible person. I am easy to unsettle, easy to scare. So I read these blogs, and they make a perfect case for the inevitable dissolution of life as we know it. These are the people who are stockpiling guns and ammunition in preparation for the day when all hell breaks loose.

At least in the US, our laws, our tax codes, our budgets, the processes that prop up our political system get more complex every year. If continued, they could soon be nothing more than a tangled web of chaos. Religious, racial, and socioeconomic relations are so strained that the fabric of society could snap at any moment.

It’s enough to make a girl want to buy her own gun and a farm in the middle of nowhere, growing enough food to stay alive and staying completely separate from the rest of society. At least until the zombies come.

In reality, the true DOOM of society will be an event we can’t foresee (reference: Black Swan Theory). And in reality, there is no point in worrying about future events and outcomes that we can’t control. Things will happen, and as individuals, there’s little we’ll actually be able to do to stop them.

The following details my plan for dealing with the inevitable bang/whimper of the end of the world:

  1. Spend as much time as possible doing things that make me happy so that I can look back on life without regrets.
  2. Have a backup plan, in case life as we know it continues. Keep working, keep saving.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 as necessary.

Do you ever get really worried that the world is going to hell? How do you deal with those fears? Do you think booze would help me, or do I just need to get my doctors to prescribe me the good drugs this time?


6 Responses

  1. Perhaps my first step would be to try to get away from the “doom blogs” as much as possible. There are plenty that offer that alternative. But you are right, there are too many around that are concentrating on a doom day mentality.
    You mentioned doing what makes you happy so that you have no regrets. Are you including in that doing for others to make them happy as well? Sometimes that takes the focus off ourselves and is often more rewarding in the process. If this fails, what is the backup plan? Want to share?

  2. Whoa–the blog looks kind of different today. Is it just me??

    Anyway, this is an interesting topic. I think we really do have some serious issues going on in our day, but I agree that flipping out isn’t going to help!

    Plus, the thing that’s really going to ‘get’ you is the thing you don’t and can’t foresee. I personally try to keep sane by doing things that make me happy, not fueling the fire (say if I think global warming is an issue, I try to drive less etc). And just leading a life where I don’t worry about a lot of extraneous crap–like doom.

    The Black Swan is a great book by the way.

  3. I’ve got the perfect Mark Twain quotation for you: “I’ve known a great many worries, but most of them never happened.”
    I think you should go for the booze! I can’t believe you haven’t tried that yet! (kidding)
    Oh and yes, the world is most definitely going to hell… I would get the shotgun too, just in case. Might as well take advantage of that fantastic law you have. We English can’t have guns, because the day after the law passed everyone would be dead.. kidding again of course… sort of

  4. One thing I have faith in is the intelligence, resilience and kindness of the American people. I try to remember that a few toxic apples shouldn’t negatively affect the way I feel about the world around me. That being said, you’re right about enjoying life and being prepared. When you do both, I suspect that you’ll be just fine. Now go enjoy some of that good vino!

  5. I think you got the basic idea – don’t read doom blogs. And don’t watch 2012 (i refuse, because I know that stuff kinda freaks me out).

    Wine might help. I like the idea of a back-up farm in the middle of nowhere, but that just isn’t going to fit in with the reality of my life.

    If there is some sort of doom that I can’t do anything about to prevent or prepare, I just refuse to discuss it or listen to it. (I also apply this to politics. Unless I want to be an activist, my opinion only matters on things I get to vote on. And even then!)

  6. If the world as we know ends all bets are off 🙂 Historically there have ALWAYS been ups and downs but my grandparents and yours made it through. My grandparents experience has greatly influenced my financial style. Have no liabilites and be flexible!

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